Kawaii D.I.Y. with Sophie and Toffee!

Before I went back to Manila weeks ago, Sophie and Toffee sent me a kawaii craft package full of rainbows and everything colorful!

I wanted to create something different using the kawaii cabochons..

.. so I thought.. why not make rainbow brooch accessories? <3


As I have mentioned  before, I will be putting up the first “pop-up” booth of Rainbowholic Cafe in Kawaii in Manila 2.. I really want to give my booth a personal touch with my own creations… so there, DIY-ing everything sounds like a solution!

Since my menu card (price list for the stuff I will be selling) is still not ready, let’s have Jenni’s Sakura drawing model the photo frame for us, haha!

But before that, let me give you my own suggestions on how to use the cutest cabochons!

Kawaii Brooch Pins

I just laid out everything on my bed, hehe~

I got this simple white bow brooch from Kaye (my co-sensei from Kawaii D.I.Y.).. before. <3

Before I got this heart glued on the bow, I got my fingers glued first lololol #kailaproblems

Yay! Now, it’s more kawaiiii! <3

Chunky cabochons –> kawaii brooch pins!

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I was feeling a little flowery a few days ago.. thought the rainbow pin is a cute addition, hehe! <3

Kawaii Photo Frame


I really really really love this deco cream! I thought that it would be messy and hard to use (since it was my first time).. but it’s sooo easyy to apply!

And I got the quality output I expected!

Practice haha~


And after 10 minutes of kawaii d.i.y. time, here is the output! I am so pleased with the results! (please no judging with my designer skills haha)

I just let it dry beside my room’s window for a night.. and next morning, I could already poke it, haha!




Can’t wait to wear my rainbow “badges” for my #ootd ‘s haha!


Thank you again Sophie and Toffee!

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<3, Kaila

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