Kawaii Empowerment Day with Philippines’ Future Kawaii Heroes

Hello everyone! Good morning from Manila, Philippines!  :happy:

I still have “Rainbowholic Meet-up” blog entry left to blog about (among others, such as the #rainbowholictravels in #Kyoto series haha waaahhh)..

.. and today, I just feel like blogging about a very memorable day weeks ago.


Weeks ago, some of the team members of Kawaii Philippines went to Bulacan to share “kawaii” with fellow dream achievers of Assumption Development Foundation.

These girls are not ordinary girls because they are bright  / multi-talented student scholars, and they work hard in their studies for them to be able to graduate. 🙂

In the Philippine setting, if you don’t have a university / college diploma, it is very tough and 1000% more difficult to find work. So almost every other Filipino has this mentality that college / university is definitely a “must”.

I wasn’t really exactly  a “scholar” before but I could say that I relate a lot with these girls because I was also a struggling student during my university days.

I was enrolled in a prestigious university here in Manila (De La Salle University) and there were many times that money / financial problems were a roadblock for me to finish my school (I finished on time – 4 years.. despite having to take a break / leave).

I became a “scholar” through my older brother’s help all the way from Japan (ultimate sponsor haha).

If only I were really “bright” in terms of academics, I would really do my best to be a 100% scholar like these girls (+ my other brothers too). Unfortunately (or fortunately? haha), God gave me a higher EQ than IQ haha. I dislike math, algebra and everything with numbers! But I do love collaborating, delegating tasks, and sharing dreams with others! 🙂




Anyway let’s start with the narration of what happened last October 24, in a very nice place in Bulacan.


We brought Japanese street fashion magazines, positivity books, and all things cute and happy!



ChiChi’s Slambook last year for Total Girl + ENJI x Rainbowholic Cafe <3


My favorite book!



Hello Eva!


Dresses and kawaii clothes from our own closet + Designs by Dolly Kaye.

Thank you Kaye for doing a GREAT job in styling + preparation!


Kaye’s cutie shoes!



I hope someday we can have a bigger place for the Kawaii PH Community too. Rooms filled with hopes, dreams and encouragement <3




Setting up 🙂





Justin browsing a book about kawaii…… :))) #woops





Early birds <3



Dolly Wink & Heroine Make!


Hello doggie!


Introduction time with my CHWINNIE







I think ChiChi needs to write about her “self-expression” talk on her blog! It’s so inspiring! I learned a lot from it! <3


Thank you Madam and Meme (?) for helping us out! <3


Me tearing up… @_@

I didn’t expect that I would get emotional that day. Maybe it’s because I had to try to remember / narrate / cite some examples I’ve done in the past to get where I am today..


I used to be that girl who was in a somewhat “negative” environment because of her family’s hardships.

At the young age of 11/12, I was already facing “real life / real world” problems.

I grew up with rebellious brothers with their own issues, my mother had cancer, my grandparents were sick and dying, my father was fired, credit cards piling up like crazy.. I was scared of my future.

I remember telling myself before that when I grow up, my life would change. And my family would change for the better.

And I am proud to say that here I am now. All healed and still going strong. <3

The message I wanted to deliver to the girls was.. your future does not lie on your current situation / circumstances.

So what if you are poor (for now)? So what if you are not as bright as others? So what if you have a dysfunctional family?

So what?

Your dreams are still your problems, and it is up to you whether you will stay and let the harsh world take over.. your dream world.

Hindi porket mahirap ka, mamatay kang mahirap. Hindi porket mahina ka sa utak, hindi ka magiging successful.

Kung susuko ka na agad, nasa sa iyo na iyon. 

Iba nga pinanganak at blessed pero.. di pa rin masaya o masyado na nakukunteto sa mga nakasanayang luho. 

Habang buhay ka pa, may opportunity ka pa para baguhin buhay mo.

As much as I wanted to apply for scholarships, I wasn’t blessed enough to have “brains”. I was a C+ student. If I wanted to pass a test in Math or Science, I would have to make tons of reviewers and study days before.. only to get a passing mark / sometimes half the score :)) I am not exaggerating, it’s the truth! Haha.

More stories about my life before here: www.story.rainbowholic.me (get tissue lol)


And of course, after that emotional moment.. all smiles hahaha


The Cycle: Dream, Visualize, Remind, Do, Believe, Achieve and Share.


Battle face on hahaha


The Dream Cycle

Dream Cycle

1. Dream

Ask yourself, “What is your heart telling you?

What is your childhood / biggest dream?

Want to travel the world? Become a renowned artist? Become an inspiration / role model like Steve Jobs / Bubzbeauty?

It is free to dream.. so dream big. You only have ONE life to do everything you want. You are only to be blessed with decades of youthful years.

Do not waste moments and opportunities we call minutes and days.

Do not even try to forget your crazy dream because it will forever linger inside your mind, waiting for you to do something about it.

When something lingers for a long time inside your mind, you become frustrated and you will lose your drive.

Dreams aren’t meant to stay as dreams forever. Dreams that stay as dreams forever are called frustrations.

Before that happens, tell your negative self to shut up and give yourself a favor by allowing yourself to dream without an ounce of discouragement. 🙂


2. Visualize

Get your pens and your favorite notebook. Draw who you want to be in the future.

Daydream and stare into space. Imagine yourself being in that situation.

Before, I would imagine myself eating bento under a sakura tree. Years later, I’ve been doing that tradition with family & friends now.

I want to setup my own “kawaii cafe” in Manila / Kyoto. What do I do to visualize this crazy dream?

I make my own coffee every morning and imagine myself I am opening up my own cafe for the day.

When you visualize, you materialize.


3. Remind

It’s so easy to be carried away by life. By our current situations, by our environment.. by our peers.

This is why it is very IMPORTANT to create a reminder for yourself.

What I do is I would always bring a notebook with me, filled with my random dreamy doodles. I would stare at my “Dreamboard“.

I would write positive quotes on post-its, and post it on my room’s walls.

I’m not always a very optimistic person, though I try myself to be one. I also struggle with my motivation levels, you know. 🙂

That is why I “cheat” myself by programming or tweaking the environment that I can change or add my “touch”.

Let your room be a manifestation or a canvas of everything you want in your “dream world”.

Change your phone’s / computer’s wallpapers, put notes on your fridge, surround yourself with your dreams so that everyday, you will be reminded that you have to do something about those! 🙂


4. Do

After all of those, of courseeee you have to start taking actions.

As what I have mentioned, YOUR DREAMS = YOUR PROBLEMS.

Nobody else can do it for you, only YOU alone.

You don’t have to know 100% of the formula / solution to do things.

You only need 1-10% knowledge.. but you need persistence and GRIT.

Be committed. If I were not consistent about blogging about kawaii and the like, would Rainbowholic Blog become like this?

When you start doing (and less complaining haha).. the universe is actually funny and obedient.

You will naturally attract the right people, the right work, the right things .. for you to be closer to your dreams.

When you do, you create your own luck and doors of opportunities.

Please actively pursue your dreams. 🙂

Also, enjoy this journey of doing your dreams. I used to be that person who was sooo engrossed in achieving things.. and I’ve forgotten to enjoy life + slow down when I needed to.

So enjoy all the good and the bad (which I would rather call as “experience” haha) during your journey.


5. Believe

After you have done everything you could, sometimes things will not work out the way you want to.

If everything works perfectly in your life, how are you going to appreciate life more?

I could say that before I reach the “achieve” step, I would have to go back to “DO-BELIEVE” then “DO-BELIEVE” pattern again.

Sometimes, it will be the easiest to back out during this step.

But it is true what they say..

The moment you are about to give up, that’s when a miracle is about to happen.

When I was given a rejected Japanese visa before, I could just stay depressed and I could’ve easily given up my Japanese dream.

But I chose not to, I chose to DO and find another way again.. and BELIEVE that I can still do it.

“When you think you can or your can’t, you are probably right.”


6. Achieve

Celebrate, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Congratulate yourself.

But keep yourself grounded. Don’t forget the person who you used to be. Don’t forget your roots, the people who have helped you along the way..

It’s so tempting and easy to let your head grow x 1000 since you’ve already achieved your dream.

Do not let success be your own recipe for a possible downfall too…

Let your success be a sharable story for others to get inspiration from. ^^


7. Share

I strongly believe that when we are blessed, it is not only because The Guy Up There wants us to just enjoy those blessings alone.

When an average girl from the Philippines got chosen as a Kawaii Leader, it must have meant something more. 

Blessings are meant to be shared.. and to be used to bless others too.

I hope that your own “cycle” won’t just stop at Step #6 and it will continue until this step.

I am emphasizing this because out of all the achievements and dreams unlocked I’ve done.. I felt happiest when I was already capable of sharing it to others.

Dream of not only achieving your dreams, but also being able to share that too.

Giving back to the society and making a positive impact in other’s lives.. #LifeGoals

And nothing beats the feeling when you have become a good influence to another person.

Before, I used to dream of becoming an “inspiration”. I believe that you can do that as well.

You don’t have to be super rich, mega brainy, ultra blessed in life to be able to share and become an inspiration to others.

You can be an ordinary person (in that sense) like me who happens to have extraordinary dreams & courage.



Going Back.. haha!


Kawaii Empowerment day indeed 🙂




After that, we also introduced Japanese street fashion 🙂


Gia, the Kawaii PH Ambassadress <3



Our very own Kawaii PH Ambassador, Rabin!


IMG_3021_cb IMG_3023_cb

Start living your dreams 🙂


Thank you for the tissues :))


Lunch time!!


Yes <3




Break time after the talks.. <3



Dreamboard exercise 🙂

It was so fun to see them doodling their dreams!!!


Kumiko dressed by Dolly Kaye <3



Another form of visualizing, giving out my mini Rainbowholic Cafe giveaways hahaha


Thank you to this talented kawaii girl <3 Thank you GHEY!!

Kawaii Girl Song by Ghey and Mica <3



Lololol Kaye :)) So kawaii!



Jessica telling everyone about her dream 🙂






<3 <3 <3




Rainbowholic represent, Lolita and Fairy Kei <3


THE CUTEST huhu! Mori girls <3


Future kawaii heroes of the Philippines!







Justin and Francis as the duo ~






Kawaii Empowerment Batch 1 Graduates! <3


I cannot wait to share the photos from the kawaii makeover!

See you at the Design Festa at Tokyo Big Sight this November 8 and 9! We will showcase all the photos there! 🙂


My Forever Mantra in Life

Just wanna share this favorite quote of mine because it summarizes everything that I want to be in this lifetime.


What I have learned from the past years as an “adult”..

(or maybe when I was already a teenager..? who was already consciously doing efforts to reach my dreams)

.. I learned that the whole essence of being blessed to be given days, months, years to live by the guy up there.. is for us to spend it the most meaningful way.

It is not about how much many money you make, how many followers you have on your instagram or likers of your facebook page, or even how many personal achievements you have..

.. it’s about leaving a mark. Leaving a legacy behind.

To inspire, to pass on the luck and blessings, to influence another person to be the best he/she can ever be.

To be an instrument. To be a “success story” to be told to others for them to  find motivation from.

You wanna know why I strive so hard and why the hell I am so preachy about being passionate and having a cause?

It’s because I believe that I have been blessed and given a second life to live.

And I would always ask myself everyday, “If tomorrow would be my last day, what would I do today then..?

I was once this hopeless and depressed girl (2 yrs. ago+), stuck inside the white walls of a hospital in a rural city in Japan.

Sick and diagnosed with a disease (now healed!), was so lost in life, previously heartbroken (wtfff), was so unhappy, unappreciative, negative and only looked “happy” through pictures …

.. I almost lost the fire inside me. I even came to the point wherein I blamed God why we had to put me in such a sad state to even make me want to give up on life.

And you know what’s amazing and unbelievable?

During the time I thought I could never ever produce or give love to others, I was still able to do it (hi JapanLover.me).

One day, I realized that.. that sad event in my life became my solid platform for me to do.. and become a leader of my own to take charge of my dreams, thoughts and life.



“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,

people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou



Love, Kaila

6 thoughts on “Kawaii Empowerment Day with Philippines’ Future Kawaii Heroes

  1. I know I may have said this a gazillion times, But Kaila-San YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION 😥 :heart: :heart:
    You’re such an amazing and wonderful human being and yet you’re still relatable at the same time!
    If anyone asked me who is the person I admire and respect the most,Without a second thought,I would say your name!
    :heart: :heart: …Be it thru Rainbowholic meet up,This empowerment day with the Kawaii girls of ADF, or thru kawaii in manila,etc, I love how you’re sharing and spreading kawaii to the Philippines and that is so wonderful! I love how you’re not just another kawaii face on the internet! You seem like a really wonderful person in real life and that is why i really want to meet you one day!! :333: I know of countless people you have inspired thru your blog and other projects into believing and chasing their dreams,Countless Kaila-worshippers like me hihihi :love: :tongue: You’ve made so many people realize and find the courage to chase after their dreams thru Kawaii and that itself shows how much kawaii can empower people! :heart: You rock,Kaila-san!!!! Let’s change this world thru kawaii..YOSH!!! 😎 :yay:

  2. I can totally understand why you start getting so emotional with these meets and inspirational talks. You are an amazing person, Kaila-san. Even when it felt like you couldn’t go on, you made sure you didn’t give up. I have so much respect for you because I was and still kinda am going through those tough times. But when I read your posts, I get filled with this energy that renews my drive and I keep going. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope I can become as successful as you <3

  3. @Asmitha: Waaahhhh thank you for the kindest words! I know we will meet somewhere someday! <3 Gambareeeee always! I love your bright personality!

  4. you have this amazing way of filling me with passion and creative lust and I just feel like I overflow with wanting to do things with my life ;^; thank you so much Kaila!
    I am so lost in real life, but atleast when I read your blog it makes me feel so happy <3


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