Kawaii Fund + Random Daily Kawaii Snaps (February 2015 Week 3)

Hello everybody! Good evening from Japan : )

Just a quick post before I continue with my work again!

As of the moment, I’m working on OurKawaii.TokyoJapan Lover Me StoreCardcaptor Sakura Club and the “Kawaii Fund“.

Days are crazy as usual and I feel like I need around 2-3 bodies to accomplish everything. But nevertheless, I’ll do my best with my current body, haha!

Also before anything else, just want to take everyone who takes time to leave comments! Promise, I mentally reply. Haha. ありがちゅ!


Here are the teaser graphics of our Kawaii Fund project. Illustrated by ChiChi / Little Miss Paintbrush.

Honestly, I get scared a lot of times although I tend to appear relaxed and confident. I’m the type of person who would dive into meaningful projects / campaigns only knowing maybe 40-50% of it.The rest of the percentage is just courage (in Tagalog, pikit-mata lang ako talaga haha). But for this time, I know for sure that courage alone will not be enough. I need help.. WE need help. Lots of it. Hope you could support our vision and objectives for our fund-raising project called “Kawaii Fund”.

This will be open for everyone around the world. If you want another dream convention in the future / more kawaii gatherings / self-published / funded projects.. it is not only up to the Kawaii.PH team, it’s up to everyone’s collective effort and support. My mom would often ask me, why do I even stress myself out with projects that do not even pay or compensate me. Why so much passion lololol.

I don’t know why but certainly, I don’t want a sugar-coated world filled with pretty girls yet low confidence / *attitude. I’ve witnessed the dark side of this “kawaii boom” and it’s far from how happy it looks from the outside. If we can spread kawaii in a positive, uplifting, encouraging and inspiring manner, we can have a beautiful / supportive / helpful community inside and out. We can empower more girls (and boys haha?) to come out from their shell and help them boost their confidence to actively pursue their dreams. This is how this seemingly-“childish” culture has changed me. Hope you can help us spread the word about this movement. Yoroshiku ne! : )

More updates these coming days! ^_^

Random random random

Here are some of the things / happenings I instagrammed recently. <3


Clever marketing by Pocky / Glico team. How can you buy one without the other?


Visited Broken Doll in Shimokitazawa and had a fun photoshoot. Thank you Kenさん for trusting me in this!


Morning situation in Shimokitazawa. I fancy train / railway locations so much!


Komasan no Milky Pocky! Who watches Youkai Watch here?


When you thought I had a perfect kawaii life.. naaah~ far from perfect and yes spot the Hiphop Abs DVD somewhere there haha.


Caramelly sakura chocolate frappucino & latte. And Sakura chiffon latte from Starbucks! *_*


Morning desk buddies <3


Sakura or Kyoto Matcha Latte?


Hello Totoro!


Hello Groot! : )

(As you can tell, most of the photos from my feed are smiling objects lololol)



Chocolates I would never ever eat *_* From my bestfriend Leen!



Princess Celestia, Sakura-flavored choco biscuits from Glico and a postcard from Manila! <3


Hope you enjoyed the kawaii photo spam!

Love, Kaila

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  1. I hope everything turns out well! I really admire your determination and you inspire me so much to blog more about my dreams and learning how to love myself! I’m really looking forward to more great posts and progress from all your hard work. 🙂


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