Kawaii Gift Art From Jenni & Aiyla + Cardcaptor Sakura Postcard Winners

 Good morning everyone from Japan~!

Just wanna share these kawaii illustrations & I have some announcements! <3

kawaii girl magical girl kaila
First of all, I wanna thank Jenni for this super cute gift art of me! I’m a magical girl, yay!! Jenni is my fellow Cardcaptor Sakura fan friend from Australia (I can’t remember how long we’ve become online friends hehehe)! You can check her super kawaii works here & here! She also drew me a couple of times before and she never fails to surprise me huhuhu. I’ve been Jenni-ed, hehehe! Arigatou for making time for me, Jenni~  This is super cute huhu! And I’m wearing the Kawaii Girl Uniform here!!! *_*


Thank you Aiyla for drawing me as well! You can check this cute girl’s instagram here. ありがとう for the support as always! 😀


Receiving kawaii art love makes me want to go try and draw again lol. Or maybe I should just stick with my doodles :))))

Blog Survey Postcard Winners

To everyone who made time to answer the blog survey last time, thank you.. thank you! ;_;

All of my feelings will be posted on another blog entry ~ I need to concentrate first in absorbing all of your wonderful testimonials about Rainbowholic blog. ;_;


Also, thank you for pointing out some constructive ideas that I could do to improve my blog more. : ) Thank you for being so helpful, everyone! It means a lot to me as a passionate blogger. ^^

Even though it breaks my heart to just choose 5 people out of the 122 blog survey respondents.. I have to do it. I have to choose only 5, huhu! >_<

Congratulations to the following!


Congratulations Lydia, Francisca, Aya, Mara and Meara!

Kindly send your complete name, mailing address and contact number to the.rainbowholic[at]gmail.com with “[Rainbowholic Blog Survey Winner] – Your Name]” as the subject. Please send the details on or before February 7, 2015! 🙂

Also… I am currently fixing my mailing list program here at Rainbowholic. Hope you guys will join! I guess that’s my biggest news so far, besides the new Rainbowholic Shop (still in progress though~)! <3


Can you count how many thank you’s I have written here? Haha!

Love, Kaila

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