7 thoughts on “Kawaii Girl At Heart

  1. For me being a kawaii girl at heart is living a positive vibes no matter what life throws to you, encourageing others because what your thoughts and aspiration can be a big impact to them, and i will be always happy and satisfied that i can be a big help to my family and friends!

  2. Good morning Kaila~!

    :pink: To me, being a Kawaii girl is to be appreciative of the big and small things in life. To be able to look forward no matter how tough the circumstances are, and to keep moving towards her dreams, no matter how small the steps are. (:

    And to always love colour~! A :kawaii: life is a colourful life 😀

    With love,

  3. Hello~ 😉

    To me, being a kawaii girl at heart, doesn’t require you to wear kawaii clothes nor buy kawaii stuffs. All you have to have is the love, appreciation and support for kawaii things. The only thing you should wear and have is [confidence], because being confident is accepting yourself. 😎

    Sankyu~ *bows* :33:

  4. Imho, a kawaii girl at heart is more than what everyone sees. It is beyond the kawaii clothes, frilly skirts, and colorful ensembles. It’s all about the beauty of the kawaii girl; what she really is from the inside. It’s how she looks at life, by being positive no matter what, by encouraging her fellow kawaii girls, and by having *that* confidence to face the world. A kawaii girl at heart is secure with herself, supportive of others, and proud of who she really is. :cute:

  5. Hello from the UK!!

    To me being a kawaii girl at heart is always having a love for cute and colorful things of all kind (gadgets, clothes, accessories, pictures…) and to never be discouraged or feeling shameful because of haters or people who don’t understand the kawaii culture. For example i travelled to japan for work and my boss told me while we were shopping “why do you buy toys? They are for children” but i replied “it doesn’t matter, they are cute so i want them”. People are quick to judge !! So let’s united around the kawaii culture! I am 30 nezt january but i will always love kawaii things. It geta harder and harder as you grow older because people think “you are not a child anymore so you should stop buying cute things” but why?? Kawaii culture should be for all ages, as long as you have confidence to accept it!


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