Kawaii Hobonichi & Midori Traveler’s Notebook Dump ❤️️

Hi everyone!

おはよう from Japan!

Here’s a photo dump of my previous Hobonichi & Midori spreads! : ) Will post the more recent ones soon~

Hobonichi With Me | NYE in Japan + Birthday Month! ?

2016 Journal Summary | Hobonichi + Midori + #ABCDailyJournal ?

#ABCDailyJournal by Abbey Sy

(buy from Shop Abbey Sy / Rainbowholic Shop)

2016 in diary form.

Hobonichi & Midori With Me | Birthday Trip in Kyoto, Japan! ?

Feel free to tag #RainbowholicTV if you want your kawaii journal pages to be featured ?☁️✌?️

Also, my friends and I are brainstorming for kawaii journaling + crafting + empowerment + blogging workshops this coming Spring!

Details to be posted soon. ??



Love, カイラ

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