Kawaii in Hongkong: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Nanda Collection World Tour with Anne!

Hello everyone! 😀

For this blog entry, I’m going to skip to the actual KPP concert we (Anne and I) attended last month in Hongkong!

I haven’t edited and filtered the photos for the Hongkong trip .. yet, aaahh~ TT_TT *somebody helppppp*!

For the #rainbowholictravels (with friend, haha) HK special, you can refer to this tag for the related posts.

I’ve seen KPP perform for a couple of times (and even shared the runway / stage with her before because of Kawaii Leaders project).. but watching KPP with a solid fan-friend (hi Bunny Anne! haha) was more exciting and fun!

To read more about our experience, please check out our newly published article at Kawaii.PH! <3

~ Kawaii Philippines’ Special Feature: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Nanda Collection World Tour in Hongkong! ~

To fully, have a great time without the hassle, we decided not to bring and cause inconvenience to ourselves by bringing bulky cameras.

We just wanted to enjoy the whole concert! :”)

I was like a proud / happy mom for Anne!

Btw, have I mentioned that if it weren’t for her efforts (with Mikee + KPP PH fan club), Kyary will be still quite unknown in the Philippines?


Happy, happy~

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Philippines represent!


Goodies on sale!

Had some snacks from 7-eleven first, haha!

Excited kawaii girls!

Met these friendly HK girls! <3


Hello, Kawaii Leader Eva!

We got so many Harajuku KAWAii stickers too!


Awwww…~ :”)

Anne getting teary eyed after the event.. haha #truefan !! 😀

KPP Haul~




From Philippines with Kawaii & KyaryLove!

Thank you Kyary for the unforgettable kawaii concert!



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