Kawaii in Manila BTS + Sneak Peek!

Just posting these photos that Francis (ChiChi’s boyfriend) took during our setup (the day before) and on the day itself ~  :yay:

DIY Bow kit ~

Unloading stuff from our own rooms ~

Pocky Addiction!

Talking about the presntation flow. Reese had 2 night gigs later that day *_*

And I had no sleep for 48 hours! :O

Arranging the tables, giveaways, etc.

Loot bags~

The real guy from ChiChi‘s love-related LMP drawings/quotes! :))

Early birds!

Before the magic started~ hihi  :kiss:

Reese explaining to the audience what kawaii means for her~

Of course, some Reesey jamming!

Neko Kaye! So cuteeee!

Super cutie Naomi!

Le Kawaii girls with their designed cupcakes!

Celina (my first blog reader when I relaunched Rainbowholic) with her rainbow cupcakes! <3

Cupcake decorating time!

Aww, so happy to see these girls working together to build their own cupcake tower!

Celina, Denice (Reese’s sister) and Jhoanne!

Kawaii Girls!!! <3

Anne practicing~


This.  :heart:


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