Kawaii in Manila BTS + Team + Other Concerns


Good evening from Manila & Good morning to Rainbowholic readers from the other side of the world~ Hehe! ^^v


I tried composing this blog entry early this morning complete with breakfast-themed photo (hi peanut butter sandwich i love you) but clearly, I failed. :))

Anyway —

I just want to announce that the REGISTRATION for Kawaii in Manila’s Lifestyle Workshop is now OPEN!

 www.register.kawaii.ph  :heart:

There are still some slots left so secure your slots now! ^_^

Yay for quality postcards! We had these printed in Japan so these are extra special! 🙂 I CARRIED ALL THE POSTCARDS with me in my luggage you guys. ;_;

A preview of our Cupcake Designing activity. It’s going to be as cute .. or even CUTER with all the sprinkles, whipped cream, etc! <3

(my bestfriend Aya and I baked these banana goodness hehe)

Btw, these are not the real cupcakes (shown in the photo above) that we will be having in the workshop. Those will be from a real bakery! Haha!


Even though everyone has their own separate work (yes, we are all working kawaii girls!), we make time for all our promotional gimmicks, meetings, etc.!


Kawaii Girl Reesey taking a break.. huhu this was one crazy week!


Super thankful to find these people who share the same love / passion for spreading ~kawaii~ with me here in PH!

Free polaroids for the Kawaii Girl Participants just like this! 🙂

This team! <3

ChiChi (Little Miss Paintbrush) even created a special KPP poster for this!

Don’t forget to RSVP & pre-order your album!


Went to the Otaku Expo with Mikee and Anne to distribute flyers! HASHTAG PASSION :))



Reese enjoys paper-cutting while I enjoy spacing out :)))

(Kawaii in Manila Photoshoot BTS)

Back in Japan, I printed our calling cards & cut each one of these! *_* I ALMOST INJURED MYSELF because I was so sleepy and my flight back to Manila was the day after.

( HASHTAG PASSION again hahaha :)) )

Who We Are

Just in case people are wondering who are the girls behind this passion-filled / Kawaii-powered project.. I’m (re)posting these amazing profile cards that Reese made!

I’m going to add more ~descriptions~ / personal stories with them because THESE GIRLS are ALL AWESOME.  :heart:  They also do inspire me a lot. 🙂

Even with such achievements, they remain humble & very down-to-earth (which I just realized, this combo trait is very rare these days).. working with them & having fun while at it = HAPPINESS (because I’m a self-confessed workaholic who injects fun in everything)

Let’s start with Anne.

I met Anne way back in my artsy-artsy days in deviantART.com but we were only “online” friends”. Last December when I went back here (PH) for a vacation, we finally met for the first time! We instantly clicked because we’re so noisy /  talkative / etc. etc. She told me about her Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Facebook group (not the fanpage yet).. I just listened to her while she rambled about how Kyary is so cute, etc… (Anne is always amusing hahaha.) I knew from then on that our friendship would growwwww ~

Around 1-2 months after, during my “hibernation” stage (while doing JapanLover.me secretly with ChiChi..), she sent me a message via Line about her Kyary plans with the fan club + she was wondering why I disappeared on Facebook (yes guys, I deactivated my personal FB account to concentrate on JapanLover.me). I gave her pieces of advice like .. start your own Facebook Group already, create interaction between the fans , etc, etc.. and SHE REALLY did it!! (www.facebook.com/kpp.ph). I know how stressful her real work is (as an overall designer: packaging / graphic / etc.) so seeing the Kyary PH community grow with such passion from the founder and its members really make my heart warm. I know that bringing Kyary to the Philippines is still a crazy idea (and there are a lot of naysayers out there… 😐 )but I know that with hard work / passion & determination, anything could be possible. REALLY.

Gambatte, Anne! 🙂 I’ll help you with this dream! 😀


Every Rainbowholic reader should know about ChiChi, the super talented girl who drew everything in my Rainbowholic website layout. The girl who drew everything that we’d post on JapanLover.me. The girl / my online twin / partner in making & fulfilling JapanLove & kawaii dreams..

This amazing girl (who does not sleep lolol) transformed all my rough sketches / doodles into REALITY. From the moment I saw her tumblr / art, I really knew that her art .. would be SOMETHING! It shouldn’t be appreciated only in the Philippines (actually, she has a lot of horror client stories here huhu ;_;) .. in my opinion, her craft should be appreciated by the international community as well. Fortunately, the number of emails we get from JapanLover.me is a huge proof that everybody loves ChiChi’s kawaii art. You guys, we’d always get 1-3 emails a day from people around the world who just want to tell that they love the illustrations on our page ;___; *YAY FOR CHICHI*

Anywayyyy here’s a shocker hehe~

People would think that ChiChi must’ve taken an art-related course in college but you guys… don’t be surprised but..

She’s actually a registered nurse! *_* Even though her whole family was rooting for her to become a nurse (at that time, nursing was a big thing in the Philippines because of the monetary benefits), she really pursued her dreams as an artist / illustrator. Not all people can have the courage to do that… especially when you’re in a country where creating ART as a real means of living is a tough job. *applause for chichi*

And this girl, is her family’s breadwinner. That alone.. makes her more amazing.  :yay:

GO TWIN!!! I also featured her way way way before.. reaaaad! ^^v


The Kawaii lovin’ girl who stays grounded despite all the accomplishments in various fields (music / fashion / art ..everythinggggg).  I even had to feature Reese’s awesomeness before when I was still starting this Rainbowholic blog! :))) You guys, I’m a Reese FAN WAY WAY WAY BACK BEFORE.

Reese is currently a fashion student (after finishing Information Design) who (really) finds time to brainstorm with the team for Kawaii in Manila work. Being a fashion student is not an easy thing (I know this because I have lots of  fashion~ friends who complain about school work lolol just kidding guys) so when Reese enthusiastically told me she’s very willing to participate in this project.. her “yes” made my day! *_* She didn’t even know the other people involved but the fact that she believed in our goal / objective (without so much planning & direction, only the goals lol).. I knew that she will be a very great addition to all of us.

Get to know more about Reese here. Getting to know here requires a separate blog entry : )))

This is my story. 


After you read all the links provided above (lololol), I hope you can also feel the same burning passion (haha omg) we have for this Kawaii Lifestyle Workshop project.  :blush:

These are going to be the people who will be delivering talks, helping out in the activities, directing the Kawaii Girl photoshoot… the team who will be having real fun with you in the workshop!   :heart:


While we are at it, I would just like to clarify & give you guys more idea about how every single peso that you pay will be WORTH IT. 🙂

We’ve been getting messages that our workshop fee is “expensive”.

Well yes, I admit that you’re really going to shell out some serious amount of money. But let me tell you guys…

this isn’t just a gathering.. nor a meal with the same Kawaii lovers crowd.

It’s not even just a workshop….

.. but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience

(that you would want to reminisce over & over again.)

Sadly,  I have to reveal this now.. the possibility that we will produce another chunky “Kawaii Lifestyle Workshop” round 2 like this  in the same year is not guaranteed. Because we have other small & big-scale projects we would like to focus on planning. And I’m only taking advantage of my time here in Manila (before I go back to Japan next year) so in the future events, I may not be physically present even if I want to. ;_; Moreover, we’ve been planning for this workshop since last May (even end of April I think) so I think that you shouldn’t worry about not getting the value of your payment here when clearly, so much work & sleepless nights have been invested into this. 😛

I’ve attended educational creative-related workshop / 1-day programs before  & those were even more expensive! And I got bored halfway as well… and I don’t want our Kawaii Girls to experience that, that is why we don’t want the quality of the workshop activities to suffer.

We will be having Kawaii power-up talks, D.I.Y. sessions, meiku & styling tips, BIG BIG BIG Kawaii Loot bag by generous sponsors, giveaways & raffles, dream-come-true Kawaii Girl photoshoot (with full production & professional photography stuff), free meals & drinks for the whole day, CUPCAKES, polaroids, washi tape fun, exclusive Kawaii Girl goodies, Pocky & other Japan stuff that I personally brought with me…. and we even have surprises in store for everyone (which of course, I cannot reveal)! *_* And like what I’ve been trying to say in these paragraphs (haha).. this workshop isn’t being organized by some random people who just want to earn money from the workshop fee ( *_* ).. hope you guys get what I mean!  ^_^

In addition to that, this Kawaii Lifestyle Workshop is not just by the four of us. It’s also by special partners / collaborators / sponsors who pooled their own contributions to make this a happy event for the twenty Kawaii Girls! Many people are involved in making this as a huge success too! 😀

Also, we also got some messages that we announced the workshop fee price quite late (there are still some slots left, so save up girls!). The thing is, if we announced the workshop fee early, many people would bombard us with complaints because we haven’t finished the list of activities. Please do consider that every one of us in the team has their own work / life…. so “workshop planning” is far from easy. So a little bit of understanding is always appreciated. ^^

Actually, I don’t know if the funds for these will even turn out positive in the end (crossing my fingers). We’re all taking a big risk here (financially speaking)….  because personally, I’ve exhausted & shelled out my own savings (like my teammates too) just for the love of kawaii sharing.  :heart:

I don’t know if this would motivate you or give you hope but..

Back in college, I had to make 30,000 pesos worth of sales (I don’t know if it’s 20/30/40k) for a marketing subject within 2-3 months (1 term).

And I DID IT on my own *_*.

What I’m trying to say is…

If you really want something, you will do your everything to achieve it. No excuses / but’s / etc…


 GO KAWAII GIRL, you can do it!  :blush:


And that’s me these days *_*


Thanks for reading this entry! Hope it shed some light on some concerns hehehe ~


9 thoughts on “Kawaii in Manila BTS + Team + Other Concerns

  1. I can’t wait for K.I.M.! :cheer:
    But ate Kaila, where’s ate Tracy? 🙁
    Nonetheless, you guys are soooo cute! :3 :heart: :heart: :heart:

  2. #Passion!! :woww:
    You are such a workaholic, Kaila!
    If only I lived in the Philippines, I wouldn’t doubt it – I would DEFINITELY go to your Kawaii Workshop! :cheer:
    Unfortunately I live on the other side of the world :what:

  3. And I can’t believe that I actually have a slot reserved for this event AHHHHH honestly, our exams are near the workshop date pero PUSH LANG!!!!! I really REALLY want to join this workshop and I’m really excited for this. I myself am financially challenged (uh) and I hope everyone else wouldn’t mind shelling out money because though I’m honestly clueless to as to what the workshop has in store for us (other than the ones you’ve already given out,) I bet it’s going to be amaaaaaazing. :heart:


  4. This is so great!

    But unfortunately, I am outside the country. I am sorry, ate Kaila. I really want to go but school just started here in California. Life here in the U.S. is so stressful and the fact that I can’t go here, in this once-in-a-lifetime experience, is even making me more depressed. But I am not saying that you should conduct your workshop here in the U.S. (because that would possibly be more expensive) but I am really wishing that, if it will happen, I can go to the Kawaii in Manila part 2. I love your fashion, I love ate Chichi’s art, I love ate Reese’s music…. and I guess life sucks for me because I will not be able to meet you guys in person. UGHHHH. This is so heartbreaking. I would love to visit home so bad and attend this workshop but I am really focusing on my studies , especially I am a senior hs student this year. Ate Kaila and Kawaii in Manila team, please forgive me. I am really a fan of you guys but ughhh, school is on my way. And, as a Filipina myself, school is my top priority as for the moment. I hope you understand.

    P.S. And sorry if I am not the type of fan/follower who sends messages because as I said, I am busy with school (because when school starts I hibernate in my room. I usually spend my free time with my family, leaving no time to be a dedicated fan and to message you.) But anyway, please forgive me if I am not “following my will” and “showing dedication” as a fan of yours. But I GOOD LUCK, ATE KAILA. I hope we will meet someday. :heart: I know this workshop you will be conducting is going to be AWE-SOOOO-SOME. I can imagine it being so successful!!!! I wish you the best. :yehey:

  5. If I have the money, I would totally ship you all here to Singapore to hold a Kawaii in Singapore event 🙁 haha but I lack funds.. so I can only say I will attend your workshop ONE DAY!


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