Kawaii In Real Life (#KawaiiIRL) Segment Feature + Life Updates

Hi everyone!

If you have time this coming Friday (June 8, Japan Time), please tune in to the Kawaii International episode. I got featured in the #KawaiiIRL segment where I’ll be showing you some clips of my personal life!

NHK World TV Live Streaming
June 8 & June 22Β (Fri) Japan timeΒ 9:30,Β 15:30,Β 22:30, 27:30

NHK World TV Video On Demand

Miss the Live Streaming broadcast? No problem! Check out the episode in the Video On Demand “Video Archive”
Available fromΒ June 9Β (Sat) for 1 year
Other updates so far . . . .

VIDEO: Hobonichi Techo With Me | Pretty Hydrangeas / Ajisai Washi Tape ( ほぼζ—₯手帳 ) | Rainbowholic πŸ’œ

VIDEO: Life Updates: Japan Visa + Kawaii International Feature + Patreon! | Rainbowholic 🌈

VIDEO: May 2018 Hobonichi Techo Flip-Through + June Kawaii Bullet Journal Setup | Rainbowholic 🌈

Patreon Livestream Recorded Video (Kawaii Journaling Prompt Ideas)

And to tend this post, here’s a photo of cloudy Saitama on my way to work yesterday.

To everybody who commented on my last post, thank you very much for reading! I’ll respond to everyone once I have more time. Thank you for appreciating what I do, huhu.

With love, カむラ

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