Kawaii is for everyone.

You may be getting tired of my Kawaii in Manila 2-related posts already but I think I’m gonna post some more one of these days, haha!

*sorry not sorry*



This is my personal entry for our Worldwide Kawaii Campaign at Kawaii Philippinesfor Kawaii in Manila 2 (www.convention.kawaii.ph) ~ 

This is what kawaii means to me.

it’s not only a happy lifestyle / cute fashion / and the like.. but it is also for everyone.

You can be a guy and can appreciate kawaii culture! Who says you should stop liking Hello Kitty just because you are 30+..? 

Tell us (or rather, tell the world) what you think of kawaii too!

We shall be waiting for your entries! Can’t wait to print out the photos and make a huge photo wall out of those in our first kawaii convention in the Philippines! 



And yes, ever since I got here, I’ve been meeting with my teammates almost everyday for meetings with contractor / supplier / sponsors and the like!

It’s going to be hella crazy from now on since we’ve got only a month to go.

I’m not really sure if I am prepared for all the craziness but… if I have my amazing, super efficient, productive and passionate friends with me (+ your cheers!)… I know I will survive the craziness!


<3,  Kaila

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