Kawaii Journaling 101?+ Where To Buy Kawaii Stationery in Japan ?

Hi all!

Since I often get questions about my journaling style / habit, I thought that it might be the best to answer everything in one blog post. ♥


Here’s a preview of things that I use when I journal.

Stickers, pens, sticky notes.. and more. You don’t need an expensive notebook / planner / journal for journaling.

And remember, there are no rules! 😉 You just have to ENJOY!


Keep on scrolling because I will be giving some tips and names of places where you can buy stationery goods here in Tokyo / Japan.


1/3 of my washi collection


I bought my first hobonichi diary last Spring when my friend Abbey & I visited LoFT Shibuya. To those who are curious, my hobonichi techo size is A6 (postcard size). It’s the perfect size for me.

If you want to buy online, go to hobonichiplanner.net. They ship worldwide. ^^

Click the video below to watch a flip-through video of my spreads ~

Kawaii Journal Introduction Video ♥


In case you missed this, here are my Hobonichi Diary Summaries from before.

(Also, thanks Justin for taking these photos for me!)


To start, let me answer the question..

“Why do you journal?”

Well, I keep a journal for many reasons.


I journal because I have many dreams and I want them to come true. I love visualizing my dreams and making reminders for my present and future self.

Above photo is a scan of a spread from my Moleskine journal when I was in college (maybe early 2010?). As far as I could remember, I made this spread during a very difficult time (when I stopped school to work online for my brother, who’s already based here in Japan). I believe that constantly reminding oneself everyday about his or her dreams is very essential for self-motivation. If you have dreams, write them down, describe them so vividly, remind yourself everyday by reading those, get inspired to actually act upon them.. and shock yourself later when you finally achieve your goals. ^^


Secondly, I journal for positivity. In order for me to accomplish things and improve my life for the better, I know that I need to be a positive person. If you observe truly happy & successful people, you’d notice that they are all overflowing with enthusiasm, passion and positivity. I can’t imagine achieving a goal by being negative and whiny (I mean, how would that work?)…

People often say that to have a positive life, you need to surround yourself with a positive environment / people. That is very true but what if you can’t control your crowd yet and you have no choice to be around negative ones? Would you let them affect and influence you..? Or do you find ways on how to create your own source of positive energy instead? Of course, we pick the latter one. And my way of doing so is through journaling.

To explain, let me share a personal story.

There was a very sad phase in my life and by keeping a diary of my raw feelings and hopeful prayers for myself to get better (a.k.a. getting myself out of depression), I was able to become the person I really dreamt to be. There might be gloomy days, but the positive mindset that I worked hard for years to attain would always remind me that there are still things to celebrate during a very, very bad day. ^^


Before you become a truly a positive person, I think that being grateful plays a big role so that you can become one (a positive human being haha). I journal because I think that there are many things, people, events (no matter how big or small).. that I should be thankful for. I am thankful for the very rare times I could cook for myself, for the productive mornings before work (#thestruggleisreal), and for people and strangers who genuinely support me offline and online. I immortalize moments that I am grateful for by narrating what happened on my diary. If you think that you don’t have anything special to write about, I think that you just need to look closely for these simple joys in your life you might be overlooking. It might be as “basic” as waking up early and not feeling tired, getting to work earlier than usual, and the like. Sometimes, keeping a gratitude list also helps a lot to turn a sour mood into a cheery one. : )


And lastly, I journal because I consider it as a gift for myself.

It’s a gift for my present self because I find it as a form of self-care. My stress magically goes away whenever I do kawaii journaling or whenever I film my process.

It’s a gift for my future self because a year from now, I know that I have created evidence (a “book” filled with notes for myself) that I did not give up on my dreams and I really / proactively took care of myself for the past year. It would be a proof for myself that I consciously chose to focus on the positive events rather than be bitter on my not-so-good days. : )


“If your life was a book and you were the author, what would your story be?” – Unknown


Anyway, let’s move on from these cheesy motivational lines, haha! I REALLY get carried away whenever I explain why I journal. ^^ As you can tell, this is just more than just journaling to me. : )


If you find it a hassle to bring your journal and materials during your special travels, I suggest that you create your own pocket-sized kit. This is the travel diary kit that I brought with me when I went to Taiwan.


You can also purchase the last stock here from my store, if you’re interested. ^^


I recycled a magnetic card (that I found inside my mailbox lol) and made my own washi sampler kit ~

I love keeping everything together by using a ziplock bag.

My Kawaii Journaling Materials


Colored pens = necessity!




Stamps to make journaling more fun



Washi tapes!



Printed my own photos on sticker paper. Watch the tutorial here.


Stickers from Little Miss Paintbrush and from my hoarding escapades haha




Sticker organizers



Memo pads, sticky notes, and sticker flakes


Sticker labels ~




If you need creative inspiration and tips about this hobby, I highly recommend this book about journaling by my friend, Abbey!

It’s already available through my shop and stocks are very limited.

“I like my pages to reflect my spontaneity, which is why I do not have an exact journaling process. Sometimes, I create a collage out of hoarded fliers or receipts, and stick them on the pages of my journal using stickers or washi tapes. I like cutting out small portions from collected mementos.

The frequency and flow depends on my mood. One thing I make sure though to make the final entry nothing less than kawaii.”

To those who are PH residents, click here for more info on where to buy. 

Japan / Tokyo Stationery Guide


If you love stationery as I do and you’re about to visit Japan soon, here are the places where you can find lots of stationery assortments!


Save this image to your phone! : )


By the way, I checked some LoFT branches near our area and they are indeed carrying Hobonichi planners (not all branches have them, I believe). To be sure, I would suggest that you visit their store (TOBICHI) in Aoyama, Tokyo. I blogged about it here.

Also, the biggest LoFT store that I know to is the one in Shibuya. That is the branch where I got my first hobonichi ^^




Washi tape heaven




If you are looking for rare character-themed stationery goods (example: Cardcaptor Sakura), your best option is Village Vanguard.

There is a VV branch in Shibuya and Shinjuku Marui Annex.


Sticker Paradise at Tokyu Hands


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can buy special sticker books at a kombini store! Bought this Star Wars sticker book from a 7-eleven branch!


What you should never miss: Tokyu Hands BUILDING in Shibuya!


Pens, anyone?





Sticky notes!


And more washi!



Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


This photo was taken at a Tokyu Hands branch near Ikebukuro station.







If you will be around Shinjuku, make sure to check out LUMINE mall (beside Shinjuku Station) and visit the PLAZA novelty shop.




Village Vanguard in Shinjuku Marui Annex

Deco Rush tapes from SEKAIDO, Shinjuku





SEKAIDO is one of the biggest art / craft supplies store. They have two branches in Shinjuku.





Looking for super kawaii / character goods + stationery items? KIDDYLAND Harajuku is another great option besides Village Vanguard. Though KIDDYLAND mainly offers toys / collectibles, they also have a big collection of stationery!




If you can’t go to Sanrio Puroland or any Sanrio store, go to KIDDYLAND in Omotesando instead and you will not regret it.

(Or maybe you will because it’d be hard to control impulse buying.. )



More cute fusen / sticky memo pads from Tokyu Hands


IKEA Japan / IKEA store in Tachikawa has a great variety of stationery goods too.



kawaii-japanese-tokyo-stationery-craft-store-guide-54If you see “3 Coins Shop”, Daiso (100 yen store), and SERIA (100 yen store).. prepare your wallet! Haha





For blank notebooks and zen / minimalistic stationery items, MUJI!



FLYING TIGER also has a lot of interesting and colorful stationery items. There’s a FLYING TIGER store in Omotesando / Harajuku, if I’m not mistaken..



For pastel cuties such as this, visit SWIMMER! They have a store inside Laforet Harajuku and another one along Takeshita Dori (ALTA building). They have stalls in chosen train stations too, I believe.


But if you can’t go to Japan (as of now, because I believe that you will someday! ^^v), you can buy from my own shop! (lol, this is how you plug guys, hahaha) ~

You can also buy really cute and cool stationery from ETSY, by the way~


Anyway, I’m going to end this entry right here. Hope this post enlightened you in some way ~

Have fun journaling your dreams and days!

Love, カイラ

12 thoughts on “Kawaii Journaling 101?+ Where To Buy Kawaii Stationery in Japan ?

  1. Such a lovely post! I’m always envious of your stationary but I’d just hoard it and never use it! I love the idea of Hobonichi but I just have messy journals and bullet notepads and stuff I write in every day instead, it’s less pressure for me 🙂

    The Quirky Queer

  2. Wow thank you for this post ! It’s the perfect post I needed as I’m preparing my 2018 trip to Tokyo !
    It will be very helpfull <3

    I also love the way you think !
    Your videos and your blog encourage me to continue to think positively <3


  3. Hello Kaila!

    OMG! Thank you for this entry. Now I am more passionate to do my journal even more! So envy with your collection…..So kawaii!! Someday I will come and visit you and shopping washi tapes together! (^_^)

    Thank you for your positive aura. It makes me stronger to face the world and find solution on what happening to me recently rather than running away (^-^)

    Love you lots!

    xoxo, Hanna

  4. @Stephanie: Have fun preparing for your Tokyo trip! You will have the best time here! ^^ So happy to know that my videos have a positive effect. Thank you for your encouragement and kind words 🙂

  5. OH GOSH! Thankyou for let my heart stop beating like a million times! This stationery really passed me out! Thank you also for letting us know where to find this heaven on Earth 🙂 Happy to found your channel and blog! Keep updating ><

  6. Thank you Kaila! this has deeply inspired me and I wish to start a Hobonichi in 2017! ^-^ I have always wanted a journal but I never knew how/where to start! 😛

  7. This is great! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Are sticker organisers available for purchase in stores in Japan or anywhere else?

  8. I love all of your Kawaii things. Your journaling really inspires me. I’m really looking for your japanese blossom washing tape. It’s so beautiful. I hope you never stop journaling!! Can’t wait to see your new videos!👋


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