Kawaii Leaders Day 5 (Part 1): Unlimited Kawaii Food + Koshigaya’s AEON Lake Town Trip

Hello~ hello! :yay:

Still feeling a lil’ bit groggy (I might sleep again after completing this haha)~

Just want to post and continue my special “Kawaii Leader” series here on my blog.

This was our fifth Day~ Also my last day in staying at the hotel. Feeling a bit clingy with my fellow leaders too… TT_TT

It’s going to be in TWO parts because I just have too many photos to share. From three sources omg hahaha~


(The first photos will be just a preview of the whole blog entry. ^_^)

The day when we could get ANY food we wanted from a Japanese convenience store! ;_;


Aww.. Goodbye friends.. huhuhu.. ;_;

After this day’s agenda, I went back to my home in Saitama and for the following tasks, I would just commute to Shibuya back and forth.

Polaroid fun time with the girls + Mariko-san & Kaori-san <3

More stories about this later ^^


Preview~ preview~

With Eva! She’s so popular even way back, but now.. maybe x 100 :))




While we were walking around at Aeon Lake Town (Japan’s largest eco-friendly shopping center.. in SAITAMA!!)..

We saw this *_*

I love anything that has matcha / green tea so you could imagine me going from this (._.) … to (@_@ )..


After that, we went to Village Vanguard, possibly the biggest I’ve been in! If you’re a long-time reader of Rainbowholic, you’ll know how crazy I am for Village Vanguard / LoFT stuff hahaha


OMG ;__;

We were asked to take many photos of the “kawaii” things we like ~


Well, I find these kawaii and kakkoii at the same time! :))


Floral Kaila mode ~ :))


.. omg guys, and we did eat there!! *_* THE LAW OF ATTRACTION WORKED hahaha

Us having a wonderful time with icecream~

Spotted: TOTORO!!


If a guy would give me a bouquet of kuma heads, I don’t think I can say no.. HAHAHAHA

Of course, anything that has Kyary = instant cuteness!


Playing around with my fisheye~ I super love our bus!!

Ahh Japan, I love you.

Sakura Hatsune Miku candies!!

The day I got confused which kawaii food to take. When people tell me they would treat me free, I get more confused on what to get hahaha

My poor macarons :))

Hanging out @ NHK Japan~

And we went back to the NHK building @ Shibuya! 🙂

My brother got all my luggage for me when we were in Lake Town~

I’ve never seen so much DOMO in my life!! PINK DOMO GUYS!!!

More kawaii characters~

And Kaori-san gave us a lot of Domo-kun presents!!

Thank you www.facebook.com/KawaiiiOfficial  :heart:


Excited with my new cap!! <3

Memories.. <3 すごい楽しかった!!

The Kawaii Leader artists <3

Mio and Stella are so talented!!!!

The girls behind the super successful Kawaii Leaders project: Kaoriさん and Marikoさん  :heart:


.. and I believe. Hahahaha kidding :)))


What mess did I get myself into..




I love my kawaii leaders hahahaha

I feel so honored to have this lifesize drawing of me. :))))))))))

Just wanna post this photo… :blushh:

Mio’s pretty accessories~  :yay:



and to end this entry…..

Super throwback thursday :)) When we were still in our 20k likes.. and now, we’re 220k+ already! *_*


I guess that this would end part 1 of the day 5! If you want to read the previous Kawaii Leader entries, click here!



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  1. So fun, I love all your kawaii photos and how amazing are Mio and Stella’s drawings!! Thanks for sharing as always 🙂


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