Kawaii Leaders Day 6: Last Day of Taping + Lifetime Supply of Fake Eyelashes + Mio’s Surprise Birthday Party

This year will not end until I get to finish the Kawaii Leaders series! :))  :tongue:

Before I share what happened in this day  (and I’ll do my best to recollect everything in my head)..

I’d just like to announce that our episode “Kawaii Leaders Take On Tokyo” …

…. got NOMINATED for NHK WORLD’s Viewers’ Choice Award / Best of 2013!!!


With the lovely Kawaii ladies-  Mio, Eva, Stella, Marie and Misha Janetteさん!<3

Please vote for us, お願いします!!!   :cheer:


My “kawaii heart” to be discussed later~ hehehe!  :heart:

Throwback Thursday Video hehehe <3


Outfit for the day~


Unicorns and galaxies!  :heart:

Random kawaii Shin-chan find in Japan. :))


There was a special Shinchan x Fried Chicken Sandwich :)))

We were brought to the office of  the creators of EYEMAZING *_* ..

GINZA COSMETIC LABO!! More photos here~


Amazing EYEMAZING huhuhu I shall never forget the day I received a lifetime supply of fake eyelashes + skin care .. and make-up!!


With Mio~ <3 We were so happy hahaha!  :heart:

What is “Kawaii” for you?

After getting spoiled by generous sponsors, we went back to the office where the taping happened.


We chose the photos to print out for our “kawaii heart” 🙂

Mademoiselle is serious haha! Miss you Marie! ^_^

We were so happy that we couldn’t resist to arrange the sponsored make-up! :))


And lots of instagram photos were taken that moment. :))

~ back to work ~

Giving out instructions~

Basically, this is what is “kawaii” for me.


As you can see from my collage, it’s full of random smiling characters.  :yay:

Kawaii” is anything that makes me smile or happy.

A cute face that cheers & brightens up the mood.. that is kawaii for Kaila.

Hats off to the Kawaii International team for the entire shoot / filming. I can’t imagine the preparation time for all of these!


Left: Stella’s interpretation of kawaii: full of bows / ribbons!

Right: Eva being naturally cute heehee~


How to be kawaii, lol.

We pulled off a surprise birthday party for Mio too! As seen on this video~


I miss Strawberry shortcakes in Japan now ;_;

Mio’s kawaii heart: PASTEL LOVE

Eva’s <3

Marie’s~ :blush:

I hope someday we can have a little reunion with everyone again! I miss everyone!

Many thanks to the hardworking Kawaii International & Kawaii.i team for making our kawaii dreams possible..


From the bottom of my heart,


3 thoughts on “Kawaii Leaders Day 6: Last Day of Taping + Lifetime Supply of Fake Eyelashes + Mio’s Surprise Birthday Party

  1. Yay more photos 😛

    It must have been so much funnn :love: The kawaii heart activity looks really creative too :yay:

    Whenever you post about Japan, I keep forgetting you’re not in Japan at the moment XD I really hope to be able to visit Japan next year ><

    With love,

  2. /extreme backtracking/

    This is so cute!! The Kawaii Leaders experience for you was so fun for me too, I feel like I’m part of it huhu char char :tongue:


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