Kawaii Leaders in Tokyo Day 1: Meeting Everyone!

Yayayay, finally got to start on our DAY 1 of the Kawaii Leaders Project! I’ll do my best to remember everything. BRAIN pls cooperate huhu  TT_TT


By the way, if you haven’t watched the NHK episode yet, here’s a video link! I don’t know until when it will be available here in the web so watch it as soon as you can! Thank you Isisさん for the tip!!  :yay:

First off, I would like to introduce Kawaii.i to all fellow kawaii fashion lovers like me! I’m pretty sure most of my new readers got to know me because of this facebook page though. Hehe~


Kawaii.i (www.facebook.com/KawaiiiOfficial) is a Facebook page that spreads Japanese “Kawaii” (means cute and pretty) culture to the world and provides a place of communication to the people who are interested in Kawaii fashion, people, and things which include Manga and Anime. It introduces popular Japanese fashion brands, shop stuff coordinates, and the latest J-pop information etc.


Accessory gear for the first day as a Kawaii leader~

Wearing Rainbowholic x Enji “がんばってます” necklace! Don’t forget to get ENJI updates from facebook and instagram!


I had a hard time to pack everything in one suitcase! I prepared 5+ outfit sets for the Kawaii Tour! *_*

YAY! Decided to design my plain red suitcase as well with these stickers~

Got a surprise text + photo from my sissies from another mommy! Thank you Ate Tracy, Liley, Theia & Atreyu for all the support! I was getting nervous the night before the actual day & getting such support all the way from Manila (when the project was still a secret) is just … ;________;


I recreated my plain denim overalls~ I added a Philippine map patch + Rainbow doodle + Heart! <3


Left: My place was left in a total chaos before I left for my Kawaii Tour in Tokyo~ look at the background *_*

Right: I’m addicted to SWIMMER’s luggages! :O ヤバイ!


I make sure that when I present myself to people, everything that I’m bringing with me also represents who I am… hehe~


Since I’m the only who is living in Japan, my brother & I went to Shibuya by Rainbowholic Kuruma-chan while the other girls were fetched from Narita Airport. 🙂

During the short meeting / briefing with NHK World Kawaii International producers, directors, staff, Japan Tourism Board members.. we had these kawaii Domo-kun themed snacks!

Trying out the Panasonic camera JTB has generously sponsored for each Kawaii leader!

The adorable Marie Zannou & ultracool Eva Cheung!

After our meeting in NHK office, we headed out to have our first dinner together. My brother (turned manager??) also came with us!


 They let us eat everything we wanted to try! Got super full that day & the excitement for the whole tour was just overflowing…

With the loveliest girls!  Marie, Eva, Stella & Mio! :star:

Hotel Room

NHK had us booked in Dormy Inn Premium Shibuya!

Couldn’t pack light ;_;

FINALLY HUHUHU wanted to sleep right away but had to take photos of everything first, haha!

Before it all turned into a chaotic nightmare :))


I thought I could take an outfit photo everyday with my tripod & slr.. but I was wrong. :))


The tripod was only used during that night, haha! What is fail :))


And after these snaps, I had  shower & went to bed.. still feeling nervous & excited for tomorrow’s next events! :”)

More stuff to share later on~ yayay!


12 thoughts on “Kawaii Leaders in Tokyo Day 1: Meeting Everyone!

  1. I followed the Kawaii Leaders Project with big excitement :heart:
    It was extra interesting because Mio’s from Germany just as I am :love: But I love all your girls and your style! And I watched the episode twice but I’m sure the second time will not stay the last 😀 I really love the episode and your Kawaii Missions! :yay: Woooooow :333: This restaurant were your ate just looks incredible! :love: I want to visit it and enjoy a meal there :yay:

  2. It is awesome just reading this post, even after the project has ended ^_^

    I absolutely enjoy how creative you are in DIY-ing everything such that it’s so you! :heart: :heart:

    Looking forward to more!

    With love,

  3. :yay: just watched the video and now i’m watching the other episodes, haha. looks like you guys had a lot of fun. you looked so cute! :kawaii:

  4. Eep! That was so fun to watch, you have the cutest accent! and I thought you were awesome on the run way 🙂 Now I want to make that icecream deco clay! The most interesting thing were the tear bags, I never knew that was a trend and how amazing were your cosplay wings, that girl is so talented!

  5. :yay: looks so much fuuuuuun :yay: looking forward for more posts about your kawaii adventure!~ :kawaii: :hihi:

  6. SOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU NEECHAN TO BECOME PART OF THE KAWAII LEADERS :yehey: SO HAPPY FOR YOU :yehey: is your gallbladder ok?I hope it is :heart: just remember to take some rest everytime you work ok :yay:
    waaaaah I love your DIY Red Suitcase!!! so Kawaii. Love the stickers!
    and they sponsored you a camera. :yay:
    I hope someday, I’ll be a Kawaii Leader too like you neechan :yay: :heart:


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