Kawaii Leaders Day 2, Part 1/3: Kawaii Hunt Preview!

Hello guys!  :yay:

Though I am already MONTHS late (blogging-wise) about the Kawaii Leaders project we had, I swear that I’ll do my best to finish all the pending blog entries! The number of photos I need to post is very overwhelming but you guys know me.. I don’t like finishing something halfway. In some way, I’ll try to reminisce every magical day I had with the girls & the rest of the production team.


Quick Recap

Our call time for our super hectic 2nd day was so early! I think we had to meet everyone else at 7:30 am-ish! As a “kawaii girl” (lololol this term amuses me), I had to wake up 2-3 hours earlier to prepare everything. Take a bath, dry & fix my hair, put some make-up on, ready my coordinate for the day.. and take mandatory outfit shots. Since it was also just weeks after JapanLover.me’s launch, I had to answer soooo many emails + updates in the morning too. It was so crazy! ;_; I had to be extra careful about my health too because during that time, I still had gallbladder problems. When I am stressed out, I tend to just eat whatever so it was truly yabai (dangerous) that time hehe..

Anyway, to start the morning right for our “first official day” together, I tried out the hotel’s coffee.


It’s not shown in the photos but it was a weird & interesting one. I like my coffee strong & black and I sort of got addicted to it.. it was something I looked forward in the morning too hahaha.

After our very quick hotel breakfast, we headed to the KAWAii! Matsuri location to practice for our runway show.


We also did some kawaii hunting for JTB (Japan Tourism Board)! Went to Harajuku of course 🙂


I just hope I won’t get teary eyed after seeing all our photos together.. These girls, I love them to bits. ;_;

First time to become a model *_* DOKI DOKI DOKI x 10000000

“Kaila” yay~ I really love their styling for my part! I felt like a walking icecream (slowly melting away because of embarrassment haha)


Eva, Stella


Mio & Marie!

That day was about bows, pastels & dots!!


I’m no make-up expert so my style is kinda simple compared to everyone else. It’s so tiring & hard to be a “kawaii girl” with all the eyelashes, circle lens contacts & perfect make-up you need to retouch every hour and then. I have huge respect for “gals” / “gyarus” who have to go through all those *_* (I respect you Stella, haha! <3)


Dream come true: to be able to take pics inside an Angelic Pretty store! Usually they don’t allow customers to take photos of their merchandise, etc! Thanks Kawaii International for the connections, haha! I didn’t have to ninja snap in the store.

Around 1-2 years ago, I wanted to do lolita but the lifestyle is just.. too much for a very practical girl like me (who likes to raid great finds from thrift stores) :)))

Freebies we got on our 2nd day! You guys, they gave us our own camera. *_*


Kawaii hunting~



Stuff I can only take photos of ;_;

Cutest table napkins from DAISO *_*


Chibi Maruko-chan Candies!! :O Witnessed the whole process of making hard candies! SUGOIIII


The super lovely & pretty, Marie! My little sister <3

On our way to try out this salon by Panasonic Beauty, CLUXTA!


Panasonic Beauty: Ladies Beauty Lounge “CLUXTA Salon” in Ikebukuro, Tokyo

We got to try out Panasonic Beauty’s latest girly gadgets for beauty lovers! <3

Salon “CLUXTA” Information:

You can use the latest cosmetics and beauty goods for about 3 dollars only!

There’s a fitting room where you can change your clothes if you feel like dressing up after work / university classes.

Apparently.. in Japan, many working girls drop by here after their work to change their clothes and fix their makeup.. and then later, they go out for dates and parties! *_*

Some girls avail the salon’s service before wedding party or summer festivals, and change their clothes into dress, Kimono or Yukata.

You can use beauty goods as much as you want by yourself and you can freely use your mini booth! The place is popular for girls who want to try the product first before purchasing. It’s not so crowded like a shop in the city… You can even ask or seek professional advice from the staff!

If you’d like to try this out while you’re in Tokyo, here’s the link of the map, in Japanese: click!


I’ve always wanted a pink curling iron! :))


Me trying out the steamer + SLIMMING ROLLER I WANTED TO BRING HOME huhuhuhu.

Such a brilliant idea! Working girls can have their own convenient space for girly preparations before parties! 😀

Dunno if this salon concept is also available in other countries.. first time to hear about it!


 :heart: www.facebook.com/kawaiii.official  :heart:

This day was one of the longest days of my life! Too many happenings to put in one or even 2(?!) blog entries! ;_; Had to divide the blog entry into 3 parts.. wowww!

I really can’t wait to share the next Kawaii Leader Project post. It’s going to be all about kawaii, pastels, frills, laces, and LOLITAAAAA! :O



10 thoughts on “Kawaii Leaders Day 2, Part 1/3: Kawaii Hunt Preview!

  1. You made my morning with this post full of sunshine and lovely pictures :heart: :heart: :heart: The haze here is terrible =\

    Can’t wait to hear more about you! Stay healthy!

    With love,

  2. Amaya~ I just SAW YOUR LETTER yesterday night! THANK YOU SO MUCH ;_; I wanna meet you someday and please, do contribute for JapanLover.me!

    I just got to know about the haze recently, please stay safe and take lots of vitamins especially this time.

    <3 your friend in Japan,

  3. my style isnt as eccentric as you guys either so dont be like that Kailaaa… You’re unique and have amazing blog. I can only curl hair la LOL whats so good hahaha

  4. This looks like a dream come true.. just.. unreal! You made my morning Kaila 🙂 I want to go to Japan right now though T.T

  5. So much fun and so cool you got to take pictures non-ninja style! I love reading your posts, thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. It looks so muchhhhhhh fun! :yay: :pink: someday I will go there! :pink: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  7. NEECHAN!!!!
    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    This blog post is about Pastels, Lolitas and Kawaii Harajuku!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
    I wanna also take a picture of Angelic Store when I go to Japan!!! :yay: :33:
    I want their Lolita outfits so badly 😥
    Your coordinate is so pinky kawaii :33:
    Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!! so many freeebies!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
    Sana saken nlang yung tattoo tights with the word “MAD” 😉
    I want to be a kawaii leader someday too :pink: :pink: :pink:
    I want to be like you neechan :yay:
    and pls don’t forget to take some rest after every work :heart: :heart:

  8. Lolita is a hard style to follow through. But maybe you can buy one or two lolita salopettes to mix in with your wardrobe ^^

    I think you would look really cute! :yehey:

  9. I love the concept of the beauty saloon! Sometimes, after work hour, my friends from university years wants a meetups and of course, after a long years we didn’t met, I want to look my very best. Wish this concept can be utilise here in Malaysia, but I am worried about vandalism and theft since that inappropriate act of very low human being spread a lot in here in Malaysia *sigh* Salute the Japanese culture…


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