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Kawaii Lifework + “Beneath The Cute” by ChiChi Romero

Good morning everyone!

I’ve been so busy these days, huhu! Every time I feel like blogging like the way I used to.. my body wouldn’t cooperate! That means.. I really have to rest. @_@ I wanna go traveling again so bad! AHHHH ;__;

After Kawaii in Manila 2, so many post-convention tasks and of course, we have to continue with our (exciting) follow-up projects. Sometimes, I don’t know how I really manage to be “sane” with managing JapanLover.me, Kawaii.PH and my personal projects too (so many stretched deadlines I cannot even). Though I really love what I do and it doesn’t feel like “work” in that sense, sometimes I cannot help but feel overwhelmed. TT_TT Or maybe it’s because I only have a month left here in Manila before I go back to Japan..? Ahhhhh >_< ~doki doki~

If there is one thing that I learned by being the overall leader in all of these..  it is, if you are a founder of an organization / community / startup / business, no matter what happens, the sense of responsibility should always be there. After all, you are the one who gathered everyone together. And sometimes, it is okay to breathe for a while!




Anyway, just wanna repost this amazing illustration by ChiChi, my twin and partner-in-crime. Off-topic, yes ahahaha~


It’s entitled “Beneath The Cute“. You can read her thoughts about “kawaii” here.

Can’t help but nod, nod and nod. Hehe~

 One of our visions while we are promoting Kawaii here in the Philippines is that we want to make people / girls realize that “being kawaii” or “cute” is not just for aesthetic reasons.

It’s about feeling kawaii genuinely inside, and that beautiful smile is still the best make-up. 🙂

Also, we want to promote that kawaii is not all about frills, big dolly eyes and “perfecting” the Japanese kawaii girl look. You don’t have to look Asian / Japanese / Ulzzang to be cute. You don’t have to be slim to be consider “kawaii”. You don’t have to have perfect fair skin to be a doll. If you realize you can be cute, then you are cute. That is how simple it is.

It’s a way to accept yourself, with all your quirks and imperfections. It’s about surrounding yourself with good vibes, keeping a bright attitude, seeing the world in a positive light. During Kawaii in Manila 2, that was the overall feel and that was the reason why I was in my happiest tears. What we have envisioned came to a reality. A kawaii community that accepts everyone whether she is in complete kawaii outfit, or she is *yet a closet kawaii girl. Whether you’re the former or the latter, you are welcome. Whether you’re skinny or quite healthier, you are part of this. You can be kawaii even if you’re 13 or you’re in 30s. Kawaii is not a strive for perfection. With or without make-up / external factors (or even extremes.. like plastic surgery), you can be cute! If you cannot afford to buy branded clothes, you can be practical and resourceful by creating your own kawaii dresses.

(now count all the cute and kawaii words here hahaha)

It is another hopeful wish / dream that I / my team can bring this same concept to another country while mixing and combining its unique version of “kawaii”. 

This whole kawaii thing is a movement. Honestly, I know that our approach might turn off other companies or media or whatever.. but I stopped caring about those a long time ago. Kawaii is not only about purely money-making or brainwashing girls that they aren’t enough / aren’t cute enough if they don’t follow this current trend or wear the latest clothes from Brand X. It’s about wanting to look, and feel sincerely cute because you are confident enough to show to the world your creativity.. and you just really want to express yourself and the way you interpret kawaii.

Honestly, you know why I’m being firm about this? It’s because I’m really tired of being disappointed. Meeting kawaii girls who turn out to have not-so-kawaii personalities, only thinking of how to get more followers and fame. Meeting company CEOs who just want to take advantage of the community we have built but does not care about the vision at all.

Before this world becomes sugarcoated with kawaii culture (but might be a junkyard behind the industry doors), we want to make a difference and to shed some light. I’m also tired of hearing “I don’t think I can be kawaii enough like lala~”. I wanna start hearing more like “Today I feel so kawaii even in my most simple self!”, etc. <3

Kawaii is not about popularity or big money. Kawaii is not only for the models we see in the magazines. Kawaii is for everyone.

“Kawaii” has gone universal and for me, it has now become a borrowed term from the land of cuteness, Japan. It just so happens that “kawaii” as a word is the cutest word to describe “cute”, lolol.


 As of the moment, we are currently planning one of the most ambitious projects we have in Kawaii Philippines.

And I cannot wait to share it with everyone. I think it’s going to be quite disruptive..? Hehe! 🙂




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