Kawaii Market 2016 by Kawaii Philippines + Japan Lover Me Updates + Kawaii / Passion Blog Plugs!

Good morning from Japan! おはようございます!

Before I start today’s long list of work, let me just share some updates from Kawaii Philippines, JapanLover.me, Japan Lover Me Store and Cardcaptor Sakura Club! Will be plugging some kawaii blogs by my friends who recently relaunched / redesigned their websites. If you need some kawaii / passion inspiration, definitely visit their sparkling blogs!


This coming summer, Kawaii PH Team + Kawaii PH Store Team are cooking something for the kawaii artists & crafters! We’re still finalizing the details about this event but we’ll surely flood you with announcements next month! : )

Japan Lover Me Kawaii Little Miss Paintbrush

ChiChi also revamped Japan Lover Me’s facebook page… and it just keeps on getting cuter and cuter!

Of course, it’s been ChiChified! :))

JAPAN LOVER ME Kawaii Japanese Culture

Thanks twin for all the great kawaii work! : )

sukajan skajan souvenir jacket japan lover me store

ChiChi also came up with idea of her characters wearing Sukajan designs from Japan Lover Me Store!

So brilliant, right?!

sukajan skajan souvenir jacket japan lover me store2

For more info about the Sukajan designs / jackets, click this link!

little miss paintbrush

Since I’ve been bragging about ChiChi’s kawaii art already, here’s a preview of her website / blog that we are also both working on!

hello.chichi.me ~

Cardcaptor Sakura Club by Jenni Illustrations

My kawaii friend Jenni from Australia created this AMAZING Cardcaptor Sakura art for our mini CCS lovin’ community on facebook!

Jenni is an awesome kawaii artist, you should check out her work!

ashley dy

My OurKawaii.Tokyo half relaunched her blog at AshleyDy.com. <3

Go Ashley!

anne kawaii ph

Anne Kate also redesigned her blog! You should check it out ~ 😉

mimiclaire kitchen studio

My talented sis-in-law of MimiClaire’s Kitchen has been working on her personal brand / blog for a year already. I don’t know how she creates these yummy recipes but she’ll teach you how through her very own website, MimiClaire.com! My favorite recipe of hers is the “Japanese Matcha Macarons with Azuki Bean Filling“. Food Photography done by JustinJapan.com / Delicious! Food & Lifestyle Photography, definitely one of the best food photographers out there! She will be acquiring her very own studio in Saitama soon and if ever you’re interested to attend her cooking / baking workshops, please do keep updated!

the four eyed wonder allie

Allie, my favorite creative lifestyle blogger, shares her Japan life / design inspirations through The Four Eyed Wonder.

Allie will be helping Ashley and I for our Our Kawaii Tokyo book project this 2016! Can’t wait for our first brainstorming session!

oh my little girl

Chai of OhMyLittleGirl.Net‘s new blog theme is so pretty! Ajisai / hydrangeas all over!

naomi nikola

And lastly, Naomi (one of the first supporters of the Kawaii movement in the Philippines) also relaunched her own website at NaomiNikola.com. Her dreamy photoshoots + kawaii aesthetics will inspire you to be creative in taking self-portraits too! : )


I guess that would be all for this morning! Might blog again later, haha!

I have sooo many things to unload from my mind! :)) Enjoy blog-hopping!

It’s never too late (and you’re never TOOO busy) to start your own passion project! May it be a blog, an instagram account for art, and the like ! May these people inspire you to jumpstart / continue yours!

Good luck with yours! ; )

Love, カイラ

2 thoughts on “Kawaii Market 2016 by Kawaii Philippines + Japan Lover Me Updates + Kawaii / Passion Blog Plugs!

  1. Thanks Kaila for sharing my blog link!! (Di ko pa nauupload New Year’s post ko and kalahat na ng January eek! 頑張ります!) Excited for our brainstorming session too, see you soon! <3

  2. Yay thanks for sharing, Kaila!!!! (Late na nagcomment kasi ang hirap magcomment gamit phone huhubels)

    I like the sound of kawaii passion blogs hehe. Push pa natin lalo yung kawaii empowerment this year!! <3


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