Kawaii Must-Haves Magazine + Kawaii Inspiration + New KPH Bloggers

Hello, good morning everyone!

Just a quick post before I head out today~


Just wanna share some photos of the Kawaii Must-Haves mini magazine that my great & talented friend Anne designed!

This was actually circulated at Watsons stores all over the Philippines!


Great job, Anne!! I’m so happy that kawaii culture in the Philippines is spreading more and more, huhu!



JapanLover.me was also featured!! :”)




Kawaii Inspiration: Olive Uy

One of our interns at Kawaii Philippines, Armaine, created this artwork & produced this article for www.kawaii.ph!

Get to know why we believe Kawaii Girl Olive is a huge inspiration to many. 

Whenever I’d encounter people like her who is radiating with so much positivity, it motivates me as well! :”)



And lastly.. I would like to introduce officially, the new Kawaii PH bloggers!! :”)

Illustrations by ChiChi Romero.

Kawaii PH Bloggers

Kira Kira Kat | Oh My Little Girl | Naomilku | Marotesque Diaries


More updates soon! ^^

Love, Kaila

2 thoughts on “Kawaii Must-Haves Magazine + Kawaii Inspiration + New KPH Bloggers

  1. that magazine looks really great, i wish i could get one as well 😀
    and yay for ohmylittlegirl being a new kawaii ph blogger, i love her photographs and style ^-^


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