Kawaii Panda Time in Ueno + Harajuku Time + U-EXPRESS Concert (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Katy Perry, SNSD!) + Krispy Kreme Spring Donuts

Hello guys!  :star:

Here’s a super kawaii photospam for the weekend.  :yay:

Went to Ueno to have a video shoot..

(which later on failed because the wind was crazy. :)) )


If you’re going to Ueno and would like to have a “kawaii panda time” (lol there is such), Cafe Hibiki is the best (and inexpensive) place!


Monchhichi 40th Anniversary


Cafe Menu from another cafe ~ we had lunch here first.


Coolest vending machines. Panda and Marvel!!

What I love about Ueno: Cool (Traditional) Japan vibes!



Preview of Sakura’s Full Bloom in Ueno, Tokyo [via JapanLover.me]




Such a perfect day it was.


Harajuku Visit


Left: Mcdonald’s Japan’s current promotion: American Vintage 80’s!

Right: Yummy crepes *_*

Sakura & ichigo crepe!



dream * station JOL HARAJUKU @ Takeshita Street


Akihabara x Harajuku = moekawa cafe!

Finally got my laptop’s screen fixed after 5/6 months or so!!  😥


While doing work for JapanLover.me! Check out the produced e-book here!


Yummy sakura macarons from Mimiclaire Sweets!

U-EXPRESS Concert with Kyary, Katy, SNSD!

We watched the ultimate dream concert that was held in Saitama Super Arena:

U-EXPRESS Live 2014!!


It was amazing and the artists who performed *_*

K for Kyary, Katy, Kaila and Kawaii lolololol


Ninja snaps!

Harajuku represent to support Kyary and Una!


After the concert, we went to ROUND ONE! First time to try karaoke here in Japan.  :3:

… and I don’t really sing. Haha!


But first, purikura!

And LOL at kawaii grandpa being voted as the best. :))


Even the karaoke rooms  in Japan are kawaii!



Basically this is entertainment heaven.



Random Daily Life

Strawberries x Licca-chan!

Only in Japan!

Tried to copy Rilakkuma here, haha!  :star:


Sakura x Matcha Cake from Ginza Cozy Corner and SPRING BLOSSOM TEA !

Ohhh no *_* Strawberry sandwiches from Lawson!




Haru Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme Japan!

Bought a dozen for all of us! 🙂


Green tea x chocolate donut + matcha latte = perfect combination!


Why I’m struggling to lose the weight I gained from my 6-month vacation in the Philippines… hahaha.

Kidding, didn’t really finish all of these :))

Cutest Peko-chan origami I’ve found!


I tried googling peko-chan and I was also one of the results. OMG haha

Look for me?


Spring is just around the corner! <3


Left: Fixing the soon-to-be creative studio here at my place. Lights + studio setup stolen from my brother :))

Right: All Things Kawaii by Rainbowholic contest soon!


And that would be all~ hope you enjoyed and had a kawaii experience after this post, haha!


6 thoughts on “Kawaii Panda Time in Ueno + Harajuku Time + U-EXPRESS Concert (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Katy Perry, SNSD!) + Krispy Kreme Spring Donuts

  1. Woah cafe menu’s really cute!

    The colourful sunflower cushion!! Maybe you can post tips on how to kawaii-ify makeover a room LOL

    :heart: :heart:

  2. :yay: so cute! i am looking forward to the cherry blossom festival here in nj! also, i saw kyary in nyc yesterday and it was such a good show :love:

  3. hello kaila
    so wonderful :hug:
    desserts, donuts and food are so colorful, very cute funny designs. :kawaii:

    karla :heart:

  4. Enjoyed this post! also the video kung saan pinakita rin ni kuya paano yung twisted potato witt a peace sign :hug:
    if only cherry blossoms are also available in the philippines!!!! waaaaahhh matutuwa tlaga ako xDD
    the cutest kid I saw on the video with a panda plushie :loveheart: I wanna keep her!
    the food packaging are so cute! I’am glad the course I picked in my college is advertising so I can make cute food packages someday :33:
    I wanna taste matcha and sakura krispy kreme donuts :heart:
    sana magpa-export yung Japan dito sa Pinas ng ganyang donut :yay:
    YES MAY CREATIVE STUDIO NARIN SI NEECHAN :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    I also wanna join on that kawaii giveaway you’ll gonna handle soon. gagamitin ko sila sa college if I get a hand on those babies :33:


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