Kawaii PH Store Garage Sale + Back in Japan!

Hello everyone!

I’m now back in Japan! YAAAAAY!

Before anything else, I would like to invite everyone (hello North / QC people of the Philippines) to our first ever #KawaiiPHStoreGarageSale. I will not be there but the entire KPH Store team will be present. I will be selling some of my pre-loved clothes from Japan too. Hope you will come and support~ <3

Kawaii PH Store Garage Sale

The Kawaii PH Headquarters will open its doors for the first time to the Kawaii PH Community for the Kawaii PH Store Garage Sale this month!

Like all garage sales, all items from Kawaii PH Store brands Mad Tee Party, Dolly Kaye, Whimsicute, andRainbowholic will be on a huge sale!!! (Plus, new items and garage-sale-exclusive items too!!)

In addition to that, we will be introducing the Kawaii PH Loot Book, a brand especially made for thrifty second hand treasures hand-picked from vintage clothing stores, and sometimes, the Kawaii PH Store team’s own closet. It aims to give a new home to all things vintage and fancy, used but beautiful, old but never forgotten. ✿

In addition to that, if you haven’t purchased a copy of the Kawaii PH Book yet, it will be discounted during the garage sale!

We will announce the date of the garage sale soon (hint: around the end of November), and the address of the Kawaii PH HQ (hint: Quezon City).



Bought this beautiful and very “Rainbowholic” planner from Paperstone Philippines. Can’t wait to use it!


Kaila’s airport #OOTD :))

This sweatshirt from my brother’s closet = a GEM!


I will miss this huge fluffball! I love you my baby Chocnut ~


This emoji describes what I’m feeling right now: “How to accomplish all the work that I left?!”


Strawberry Cake Latte from 7-eleven Japan caught my eye!


How I miss taking product photos of anything that catches my attention haha


Gudetama snack!


Had Tenya’s tempura bento for lunch today at work.

My everyday work is overwhelming and most of the time, very stressful.. but I still love it.

We started from barely nothing and sometimes, it would get hella frustrating (when you’re eager to get results).. but I know somehow and in some way, we’ll reach our goal! *fighting spirit haha*


Ordered a bunch of kanji flash cards from White Rabbit Press. Will make a review when I have more time! 🙂 HUHU good luck to me, JLPT is nearing!


That’s it for now!

Have a great weekend, everyone~

<3, カイラ


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