KAWAII.PH’s Website Launch + Kawaii Lair!

Last week, we finally launched www.kawaii.ph, a website drawn / coded / created out of love for the purpose of sharing KAWAII~


There’s a mobile and desktop version so please make sure you check out both! 😉

For the desktop version, all drawings were drawn by ChiChi while Reese did the doodled mobile page!

Text below from ReeseyPeasy  😎

“Kawaii in Manila” is the first ever kawaii lifestyle workshop here on the Philippine shores! “Kawaii” is the Japanese word for cute, but more than a word, kawaii is a lifestyle – an actual way of living. It’s craving for anything fun, colourful, quirky, and childlike, and it’s wanting to be surrounded by awesome things that bring joy, happiness, and good memories.


Since we’re doing heavy promotions for the event, we also launched a giveaway!

By blogging about the event, you can win a special pack of Japanese / Avantgarde goodies sponsored by me & Tiara by Tracy Dizon!

We’ll be waiting for your entries~  :yay:

Kawaii Lair

To a kawaii girl, there’s no other place in the world that’s more precious, more sacred, and more revered than her kawaii room.

It is a the secret lair where all hopes are whispered and all daydreams are made. A small corner of the world where baubles litter the floor, toys pile up in tiny mountains, and magazines tower over everything, reaching for cloud painted ceilings that glow in the dark.


The girls behind the Kawaii in Manila workshop pays homage to the magic and mystery of the kawaii girl’s room. Come and take a peek as we’ve surrounded ourselves with a sea of our own little treasures – from Sailormoon masks, to unicorns, to the books of our childhood, and to all things that sparkle and shine.

More @ www.kawaii.ph/photoshoot

(Drawings by ChiChi; Collage by Reese)

Photography by Justin De Jesus


Thanks all for the support! 🙂


5 thoughts on “KAWAII.PH’s Website Launch + Kawaii Lair!

  1. chichi is such a cute prolific drawer! I love her art and yes, my bedroom is my secret lair for all my cute belongings, a cute shrine! he he


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