Kawaii Philipppines’ Website Relaunch + Mini Christmas Party

Last December 21, we finally relaunched www.kawaii.ph!

*sprinkles confetti everywhere*

It’s still in BETA version but don’t worry, we’ll improve it along the way.  :heart:

Do check out the website and we’ll appreciate some feedback!  :yay:



Because 21 was a very special day, I ordered these alphabet donuts from Cello’s!

Last minute editing of the website~

Mikee, Kaye, Anne, Kaila and ChiChi! Missing Reese here~

I don’t know how else I can express my gratitude to these people so I prepared a little colorful something ~

A kawaii box filled with marshmallows, m&m’s and a rainbow cupcake! <3

Christmas is all about giving, so why not? <3


Kawaii PH Founder Kaila and Co-founder Anne.

It’s funny how our random chat (during my loneliest days haha) on LINE has gotten this FAR.

Universe, the way you conspire to make things happen.. it’s a lil bit creepy and amazing at the same time. Haha!

ChiChi, our resident Kawaii Illustrator!



We had crepes from Mother’s Crepe in SM Megamall. Their tuna crepe is a recommendation!


Thanks to Kawaii Boy Francis (lol) for taking pictures! ChiChi’s boyfriend is like our team’s bodyguard, paparazzi, etc.! Kidding~ hehe!

And they’re so sweeet together <3


Anne and ChiChi!

My work face haha

Our Kawaii Photographer Anne!


Also, a trivia..

Last year, I finally met ChiChi in real life.. FOR THE FIRST TIME. Dec 21 is our TWINVERSARY hahahaha!

It’s amazing how we grew so close + produced so much! Our friendship is like a Christmas gift <3

My blue x red outfit that day. I love my Pocky bottlecap necklace from Hodge Podge!

Thanks Kaye (Fancy Fluff) for my Japan Lover Me bag!

During our ToyCon event participation, Angeli of Middlemist Trinket Box dropped by our booth and gave our team a box full of sparkly & kawaii accessories! It really suprised us all, hehe!

The box is so lovely, we all love it! Thank you so much Angeli for the support for Kawaii PH!

Since it’s also a mini Christmas party, we raffled out the accessories to be fair with everyone. Haha!

And boy, I got so lucky!!! 😀 I really love this pearl neckpiece!

Whimsicute‘s mori headband + Kawaii Girl bow!

Someday, we’ll have more kawaii gatherings in PH!




ChiChi’s outfit <3



I love how we always get misunderstood by people. We either look as college (or highschool even) students or .. bums. : ))

And the priceless look they have when they discover our real work / job =  :pink:

But we’re not … : )))

Inject some kawaii in your lifestyle and you’re forever youthful! :))

Super super fun day~



Kaye, JapanLover.me + Kawaii.PH’s social media manager <3


Left: Kawaii boy and kawaii girl hahaha

Right: Behind the scenes #truth : ))



Anne’s makeup & styling skills = <3

I love red <3

Bottlecap watch from Hodge Podge again!  :blush:


Anne & Mikee are highschool friends!


And Mikee and I were part of my college’s yearbook committee, Green & White!!

What a small, small (kawaii) world!


Forever mori style! <3

This day, with these girls..  :yay:

Thank you girls for the fun time! A day is never enough for our big dreams + laughter + craziness!

:heart: , Kaila

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