Kawaii Photospam Dump + Cardcaptor Sakura Items + Dolly Kaye Dresses & Mad Tee Party Coordinates

Hello, everyone!

Just sharing a bunch of kawaii photos I took recently + other overdue updates! <3

I actually drafted this post way before I went to Hokkaido lolol & only rediscovered it now. I added some recent kawaii discoveries too and I hope that you will enjoy the kawaii visual experience of this post! So many colors *_*

When my eyes landed on this kawaii ECONECO coloring book, I knew I had to buy one for myself! It’s so magical and pretty inside!! *_*

If you’re interested, you can also grab a copy from Rainbowholic Shop.


Decided to drop by at a Krispy Kreme branch and was surprised how Halloween was so early!

I think that Halloween is undeniably one of the most celebrated seasons here in Japan. *_*


Caramel Halloween Jack and Maple Milk Frank! Even the names are too sweet and kawaii haha.


The packaging = WIN!


Saw the cutest “Lip Cream” from Sanrio! OMG HOW DO I CHOOSE ONE?


Been addicted to Decoupage DIY projects recently. I can’t wait to update Kawaii D.I.Y. to introduce this!


Mischievous Crayon Shinchan cuteness haha


Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroi Tori in Yukata. With watermelon fans!


DIY Macaron snack from Family Mart lolol


Gudetama Petit Pudding Jelly Custard from 7-eleven Japan!




Mini Sealing Wand  ballpen + Star key mobile pluggie

[PREORDER] Kawaii Cardcaptor Sakura Deluxe Gashapon Set (5)

CCS make-up set

More licensed Cardcaptor Sakura Products from Rainbowholic Shop!

 ccs-update lacebracelet

blindbox square CCS new photos

Kawaii Dolly Kaye Dresses On Sale (Kawaii PH Store)

IMGP0102a IMGP0110a

I still don’t know how Kaye can sew all of these beautiful dresses! Such a hardworking gal!

IMGP0082a IMGP0093a

IMGP0079a IMGP0084a

If you’re from the Philippines, you can buy these Dolly Kaye Dresses from Kawaii PH Store.

stay weird flatlay1

Mad Tee Party shirt designs by Little Miss Paintbrush <3

Our shirt best-seller: STAY WEIRD!

sparkle on flatlay3

My favorite: Sparkle On!

kisune shirt flatlay4

Kitsune by Mad Tee Party

ftmg flatlay2

Full Time Magical Girl by Mad Tee Party

How about you? What’s your favorite shirt among the four above? ^^v

<3, カイラ

5 thoughts on “Kawaii Photospam Dump + Cardcaptor Sakura Items + Dolly Kaye Dresses & Mad Tee Party Coordinates

  1. Oooh you got the Econeco book, Is it good? I’m contemplating ordering one, the bunnies look so dreamy ^_^
    I always enjoy looking at the pictures you make, Halloween must be great in Japan!
    My favorite t-shirt is also ‘Sparkle on’ (but it might be the pastels and unicorn that won me over).

  2. I LOVE how every season in Japan has its theme and decoration! 😀 The donuts are super cute~✨
    My favorite shirt is “STAY WEIRD”.❤︎

  3. ahhh I love the tshirts *-* I want several of them haha ^^
    If you have time, check out my blog! I just started sharing things about my experiences from Japan! 😀

  4. Hi(*^▽^)/ I really wanted to buy the kitsune and stay weird shirts from mad tee party but I live in the USA do you know if this is possible or how to go about doing it? Any help would be appreciated thank you!!


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