Kawaii Pokemon Plushies + OurKawaii.Tokyo Planning with Allie + UFO Master Catcher Brother

Hi everyone!

I just feel like sharing all these kawaii snaps I took last week! 🙂


Allie & I dropped by Kiddyland and we saw these pokemon plushies at the store display. 1st generation pokemon forever!


Who can still remember the time when Charmander’s flame almost went out? I was so heartbroken that day. ;_;


I see Oddish, Eevee, Jigglypuff~


Takeshita Dori Banner with snowflake-shaped balloons! 🙂


Met up with Allie of The Four-eyed Wonder who will be working with me and Ashley for the OurKawaii.Tokyo book. Having her as our additional teammate = a blessing! She’s one of the masterminds of KATHA magazine too. Thank you so much Allie for reaching out! Huhuhu!


We craved for some milk tea so we went to Gong Cha. Was a bit disappointed because they don’t have wintermelon :(( Huhu

Also, it was my first time to have a “date” with Allie, with just the two of us! Haha. Usually, we go out as a group (Hi Laura, Lando.. and Ashley again, haha!) ~

It’s rare to meet people who have the same wavelength and passion for creativity / sharing. Lol, we talked about university life (we’re from different colleges), blogging, work, dreams, etc. I really believe that someday, she and Lando will have their own architectural firm!

katha magazine

Here’s a preview of some of Allie’s creative projects with her fellow teammates. I’m so amazed by her / KATHA team!

katha magazine

Katha Magazine celebrates Filipino creatives and their boundless imagination.

We aim to spread the love for good design, impeccable style, and the handmade movement.

If you’re feeling extra crafty / creative / artsy, do backread their past issues! 🙂



Can’t spill other info yet but I’m just really thrilled to work with Ashley & Allie in this one.

Random Updates / Photos

things to do in spring sakura season cherry blossoms our kawaii tokyo japan lover me

Just posted a blog entry about things to do when you’re in Japan for Spring! 


While walking around a train station, I passed by this unique Japan Post mailbox!


My family decided to spend the entire evening in Round One in Saitama. Karaoke + UFO catcher machines from 6PM – 2AM lololol


My brother got all of the kawaii Disney plushies!


This is how he unwinds from all of the company work :))



Gudetama in different variations and ECONECO unicorns haha


I wonder what’s the name of this character… And what are you doing there, Gudetama? lololol





I scored the two Cardcaptor Sakura toys! Weeee! <3


I guess that would be all for now~!

Will be meeting a lot of friends this month (before I go hibernate on March & onwards again, lolol) for catching up and collabs. After those, I will be really strict with my plans on saving up for this year’s trips!! *gambarimasu* haha!

<3, カイラ

One thought on “Kawaii Pokemon Plushies + OurKawaii.Tokyo Planning with Allie + UFO Master Catcher Brother

  1. Ommmgggg those CCS figures *o*

    And the kitty with Gudetama is actually called a Palico! They’re from the Monster Hunter video game series!



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