Kawaii Snaps of the Week + More Sakura Food!

Hi all!

Good morning from Japan! :)

Here are some snaps that I'd like to share before I resume to work! ^^


Things have been really challenging lately here. I hope that this is just a phase. *hugs self really really tight*

Seeing flowers around my neighborhood does uplift my spirits though! I can't wait to see these red sakura-looking flowers all bloomed and pretty! :)

Amidst the confusion and all, I know that there is still something to be thankful about during my not-so-good days...


.. such as my favorite bento! And tea drink! :D


As you can tell from my previous posts, I've been on a "Sakura hunt" lately haha. Spring is my favorite season & of course, sakura is my favorite kind of blossoms! It's just right to document anything sakura-related, no matter how weird these may be haha.


Rewarded ourselves with refreshments from Mcdonald's Japan! The Sakura Cherry McFloat tastes good! (better than the McFizz alone ~)


Cute packaging!


This Sakura dessert thouughhh!


Green Tea Crumble icecream from Haagen Dazs Japan


Lunch time @ work!


Hello there, pretty lil Sakura steamed bun from 7-eleven Japan!


Gudetama x Easter season = the cutest thing haha


Peko-chan x Ultraman!


Stopped by Toy Sapiens in Harajuku with Yumi-san after our meeting :)


I shall return for you! ;) For now, a photo only! :D



Before I end this entry.. can I just say YAY because it's... it's Friday?? :))

Thanks for reading! ^^

<3, カイラ

(P.S. I almost typed Kind Regards, Kaila lololol)

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