Kawaii Spam Overload: Starbucks Japan Sakura Latte + Dream Cherry Blossom Nike Sneaks + #OnlyInJapan Haagen Dazs Flavors

Hi everybody!

Just want to share this set of kawaii flatlays / random kombini photos I’ve taken recently. As of the moment, I have 9,000 photos stored in my Camera Roll. Dear God, please grant me the strength to make time for deleting repetitive snaps, haha!

… maybe for now, let me dump all the cuteness here! 😉

Anywaaaay~ do enjoy the rainbow feast!


My cousin Gilbert gave me this Starbucks Japan Sakura Latte (with crushed strawberries) from Family Mart. Thank you Gil! ^_^


I love collecting and hoarding precious Milky / peko-chan souvenir boxes! Arigatou to my bestfriend Leen for being so thoughtful as always!

Peko Y U SO CUTEEE huhuhu


*takes 10+ more photos lololol*

Honestly though.. I’m not really loving the flavor. It’s too strong for me and it reminds me of some meds I used to take when I was a child. Haha

10 stars for the packaging though! It just proves that anything with a kawaii / sakura-fied design would really SELL hahaha. Super effective marketing / advertising! :))


And oohhh, just reminding my readers from Indonesia (hi girls!) that the slot for the Tokyo Kawaii Fashion Tour 2016 is still open!

I hope you guys could come! It will be such a blast! More info posted here.


Loving the colors! Yay dango (Japanese sweet dumplings)~ Yum!!


Was so surprised when my brother sent me an order notification via email. Didn’t expect that he would buy this pair of Nike Roshe Cherry Blossom sneaks from eBay for me!! He actually bought another pair too (another style but same pattern)… huhu. Thank you Kuya / お兄さん!


Side-by-side with my friend Knatt’s Nike Sakura Airmax!

Get yours?


Kaila’s work everyday = make sure that all clients / customers are happy with their Sukajan orders!


This set is definitely one of my favorites! The Hokusai wave + Sakura design immediately got SOLD OUT!

For more Souvenir Jacket / Satin Bomber selections, please visit our store at www.japanloverme-store.com!


Spotted this adorable packaging at a 100 yen store by Lawson.


The pooh version is so cute too!


Ahhh.. Japan, why you do this?!

haagen-dazs-lavender-blueberry.jpg haagen-dazs-rosehip-raspberry.jpg

Haagen-Dazs Lavender & Blueberry or Rosehip & Raspberry? Can’t choose!


Planners! The Little Twin Stars one please!


Tsum-tsum chocolate boxes!


Flounder & Ariel pens!!


This reminds me of my friend Ashley! 😀


Beautiful Sukajan design. Look at all the fine details & amazing embroidery! *_*


Morning jogs 🙂


Sakura sakura sakura sakura spam hahaha


And more sakura latte. :)) Such a photogenic drink, lol!


Hope you guys enjoyed this kawaii spam!



5 thoughts on “Kawaii Spam Overload: Starbucks Japan Sakura Latte + Dream Cherry Blossom Nike Sneaks + #OnlyInJapan Haagen Dazs Flavors

  1. I’m going to Japan for the first time during the first two weeks of November. Any suggestions on character cafes? Or other kawaii must-see/must-do things?

  2. Hi. I read a lot about the limited edition of the Sakura latte of Starbucks. ? And it’s no longer for sale by the time we go there. We will be in japan from April 9-16. Where can i buy that Starbucks Sakura Latte in a cup? Is it still available in Family Mart by the time we go there. I hope you can help me with this. I really love it ??


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