Kawaii Spam Updates!

Just a quick blog update~ I’ll have another blog update after this regarding a super kawaii giveaway collaboration!  :yay:

I’ve been so busy (lol what’s new) these days that I didn’t notice that a week has passed by so quickly! TT_TT

Not gonna complain though, I think that this is better than constantly wondering about what to do next.. *_*

Anyway, for today’s first Kawaii Update!  :heart:

Check out this super SWEET and cute art by Nat of chikatetsu-n! This illustration makes me smile so much! Look at those details!! *_*

Actually, this is a collab between Mishie and Nat for Japan Lover Me’s kawaii month!   :blush:

One of my not-so-secret projects for this week was the Stella Lee blog makeover ChiChi and I did!

Check out Stella’s spanking new layout made with love by three of us! It was my first time to code templates using XML *_* Such a challenge but I learned a lot! I think I’m really enjoying webpage design~

Great news to everyone! Japan Lover Me and Kawaii PH will have booths at COSMANIA 2013!!! We’re neighbors~ Hahaha!

If you’ve been a reader of my blog and you will be strolling around Cosmania, please visit us and I’d like to meeeeet you! 😀

:heart:  Artwork above by the super talented MishieWishie!  :heart:

Giveaway collaboration with modes4u.com later~ to be announced here!


I have soooo many stories to blog about~! Can’t wait to write about everything!



One thought on “Kawaii Spam Updates!

  1. AHhhhhh!! I’m so excited for this giveaway! Is it for the cute Rilakkuma dolls?? I want one!!! :kawaii:

    love your blog Kaila!
    I’m half Filipino living in Canada and you are so inspiring! One day I will go to Japan with my husband!! :nod:


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