Kawaii Studio Mini Revamp + Hobonichi Updates + Washi Collection ?

Hi everybody!

Here’s a photo dump of what happened since last weekend. Hope you guys enjoy the kawaii spam!

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Finally had time to do general cleaning in one of my rooms (where I’d work before when it’s JLM Store-related). Tried to “tone it down” a bit lol

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This was probably one of my greatest achievements last week, haha. Some of my toys fell when there was an earthquake and I got so busy with JLM Store and other stuff happened.. and I neglected the room for a while. Now, I’ve decided to convert it as a mini studio where I would create content for my blog and youtube channel.

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Hi, Groot!

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Favorite coffee from the vending machine

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✏️ #‎Hobonichi With Me – Suicide Squad, Japanese Grocery & My Kawaii Studio ♥ 



Loving my 100 yen water bottle haha


Ginza Cozy Corner’s halloween-themed desserts


Funassyi x Mcdonald’s Japan

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My 3rd/4th Fujicolor Camera ~


Sweetest moment in my life huhu. Cinnabon, i love you 4ever


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Watch out for my special blog + video report about the Cardcaptor Sakura Limited Shop @ Shinjuku Marui ANNEX!



I consider this as one of my biggest achievements as an adult. After saving up for months, I finally bought my dream iMac station!

If you have been following my blog for years, you’d know that it’s not my first iMac. This is actually my 4th one but all the past three iMac stations were bought for company use only (my brother invested on those, not meee. 1 in Japan, 1 in Manila, and another new one here in our office since the first one from 5 years ago isn’t that efficient anymore). However, this is my FIRST ever “notable” / big computer INVESTMENT that I bought with my own savings from the past months. Right now at 25, I am really focused on spending more of  my money on investment-worthy things rather than just buying things for personal use (ex: clothes I would wear just for one occasion, random cute objects that I wouldn’t be able to use for content creation.. lol. every single thing needs to be multipurpose haha). I have really, really big dreams for my entrepreneurial ventures and the amount of money needed to make this entire action plan work really motivates me! : )


After clearing up the table ~

This is how it looked like before by the way


After work, I started to sort things out haha. I categorized each stationery kind lol


Progress in the morning ~


Sticker flakes, sticker organizers, pens, sticky notes, clips ~


Washi assorting time


*whispers to self*

“These are all investments!” (lolol)


I’m really a cheap person irl (I probably just appear rich because #socialmedia #LivingInJapan but really that’s still my goal haha haven’t achieved it .. yet ~ )

Bought this 3-pc. set of bento / lunch pack containers for my washi tapes haha


Will make a special collection video soon!


Yay, new desk buddy! Meet my cheap lamp from Salut!



Mcdonald’s after one random day at work


Star Wars plastic tapes ~ will be available soon at Rainbowholic Shop!



It was Justin’s birthday last Tuesday and my sis-in-law (Claire nee-san) made this chef’s hat cake for him!


Hobonichi time earlier ~


✏️ #‎Hobonichi With Me – Kawaii Shiba Inu & Neko Stickers + Stationery Haul! 

Don’t forget to join the Kawaii Stationery Giveaway here ~


Stay Weird souvenir jacket collaboration between Little Miss Paintbrush x Shishumania for JLM Store has come to life!!

More info about this soon!

P.S. This was manually embroidered. BY HAND y’all!!


Visited Yodobashi Camera and scouted for my ghetto / diy studio lights lol


Favorite food of the week so far!

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I love taking photos of trains haha. Hi Kehin Tohoku!

Thank you Abbey for this! Such a heart-warming blog post about The ABCs of Journaling journey + book launch event!


Kawaii Beauty Workshop by Kawaii PH x Canmake Philippines! Goodluck, friends!

Tokyo Autumn Guide by Ashley & Kaila for nature lovers now up!



Hope you guys enjoyed this kawaii spam + summary of updates!


<3, カイラ

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  1. You know what? I think you need to invest in a cabinet for all of your stuff. ♡ that’s a lot of INVESTMENT you have all over your tables. I envy you! And congrats on your iMac!!!!!! X3


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