Kawaii & Yummy Sweets from the Philippines (As Featured on Kawaii International)

Just a quick update with lots of sinful & saliva-inducing photographs~


Last July, when I was about to go back here in Manila from Japan, I was asked again (together with fellow Kawaii leaders) to introduce the “kawaii sweets” we have in our own country.

I got a message from Salla-san (and the director) about the instructions and one of those was about our own version of “crepes” here in PH.

For this sweet mission, I asked two of my friends (ChiChi and Anne) to have crepes with me!

Luckily, another submission of mine was featured as well. It’s “halo-halo”, one of the yummiest summer desserts we have here in Philippines! It was so funny when I discovered that ministop Japan was also selling “haro-haro” during last year’s summer! :))

Polvoron + minion cupcakes = super super cuteeeeee!



Sweets + friends =  :blush:  :yay:


Crepe Samurai y’all :))


*not bad face*


My Favorite: Halo-halo!


Halo-halo is our own version of shaved ice + milk + sweet toppings.. more info about it here~  :blush:

If you ever visit Manila in the future, you should try HALO-HALO!! It’s heavenly!


I asked Justin‘s help for this mini Kawaii leader mission for the show since he’s also a food photographer by profession..  and here are the photos he sent me *_*





I also submitted some photos from the “Kaila in Manila” shoot we had before (that gained lots of positive feedback!) since it also featured lots of Filipino desserts ^^


Sweetened BANANAAAA ;_;

Polvoron Cupcakes with Minions + MORE SWEETSSSS

While I was walking around the mall (..in search for the most kawaii sweets :)) ), I saw a stall selling these cute “polvoron cupcakes” with kawaii characters!

Fail modeling by ChiChi & Kaila :))



Puto (which is a bad word in Spanish I think lololol) is one of my favorite Filipino snacks tooo!


Kyaryshiba and noms~

Turon <3333


“Dirty icecream” ~

I remember I’d run after the icecream vendor in our village when he’s doing his own rounds in the area ~  :))) For the love of icecream hahaha

Haven’t tried this one yet but I love Durian candies!!


And an all-time favorite, Leche flan!! This is our local version of pudding or “purin” 😀


Hope this post didn’t make you too much hungry ~ :)) Thanks again Justin for the photos and ChiChi + Anne for helping me out!!



3 thoughts on “Kawaii & Yummy Sweets from the Philippines (As Featured on Kawaii International)

  1. I remember the night of spacing out :))) while watching the show :))))
    “AAAAA TAYO YUN TAYO UN!!!!!” “AAAAA NAWALA NAWALA!!!!” “AAAAAA AYAN!!!” “AAAAAA!!!!!!!!” hahahahahhahaha :))

  2. LOL! that is a bad word in Spanish
    omg those sweets look too good!
    what is puto like? is it hard or soft?
    there is a filipino bakery near me, I must see if they have any of these! :yay:


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