KITTYROBOT Exhibition at Omotesando Hills with Emika

A few days ago, I received a mail/text from my big boss from TokyoFashion (hehehe) about the ongoing KITTYROBOT exhibition in Omotesando Hills (Harajuku). Of course, I just had to go and make time for it! Everyone was almost talking about it (been seing it on my facebook feed for days) and it will be a sin by a huge Sanrio fan like me if I didn’t get to see this amazing collaboration with different artists and designers for a cause. AND IT’S HELLO KITTYasfIFJFlsdajfkdfa

Also, I’ve been exchanging emails with this doll named Emika (half-Filipina and half-Japanese)! I rarely have Filipina friends here in Japan so I was so happy to exchange conversations in Tagalog with her hahaha~ And she’s cool to hang out with. I won’t be surprised if she gets streetsnapped a lot here in Harajuku since she has a model-like physique. 😉


She’s 17 and I’m 21!! omg


My heart  :heart:


I thought I was in Puroland!!

Speaking of Puroland… I miss my Indonesian friend Leen (I went with her to Puroland) ;___; and  Shouro, Dawa, Sabrina, etcetera. Patiently waiting for them to come back to Japan!!

The cutest desserts on Earth

 AHHHHHHHHHHH Wanna take home everything ;___;



Someday I hope I will be invited to become one of the collaborators… crazy dream but I won’t give up. Tokyo, please be ready for Rainbowholic!

BUT for now, I shall first mesmerize at these beautiful designs!


So cool! Reminds me of Gundam~


*holds the glass awkwardly*



I expected something more lolita (like a dress, etc) from BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT..

still cute though =)




Yappari, heta datta 🙁


Haha so cute!



Two of my favorites!!!



Souvenir items

Ichigo Hello Kitty

SO CUTEEEEEEEE and expensive @_@

Who can eat these @_@

SWAROVSKI @________@

Cool KITTYROBOT Itasha car

After that, we rested at a (deceiving) cafe. I hate it when the staff people are rude >_<

My cooled Hello Kitty donut! Too cute to eat!


And there’s a cute Emika~ ^^


That’s all for this special Friday blog entry  :heart:

I’m going to announce the Japonista Sole contest winners tomorrow! Kindly wait for it~! ^^v


10 thoughts on “KITTYROBOT Exhibition at Omotesando Hills with Emika

  1. whaaah :hug: Everything looked so cute! 😀 I love all of those cute kittys x3 I especially liked the cute ” house-wife” kitty, with that adorable apron and cooking things 😀 :hihi:

  2. Such a cool event!! Some of those kitties are really creative.
    I would have expected something more lolita from BTSSB too..
    That donut is amazingly cute! *_*

  3. Wow, I love the outfit of your friend 😀
    You’re both cute on purikura !

    But I’m a litlle… schoked… I mean… WHAT KIND OF GAME IT WAS ?! Save Kitty’s life ? It wasn’t really fun, was it ? And not really with the kawaii and optimist Kitty’ spirit ?
    I don’t understand XD

    Thank you for these photos !
    ~Luve, Hiroto(Louise)

  4. the kitty bots are soooooooooooo KAWAII :heart: :heart: :heart:
    WANNA BUY SOME SO MUCH :heart: :heart: :heart:
    PURIKURA :love: :love: :love: :love:
    I WANNA TRY IT :yay: :yay:

  5. Emika-san wa kirei na *_____* Anata mo kirei desu!! (Of course!! HAHA)

    2ND HELLO KITTY HAVEN NEXT TO PUROLAND YES?? I wanna try the reviving thingo =)) And stare at those pretty Hello Kitty designs :heart:



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