Koenji with Pixie Tracy and Toy Shopping with Justin in Tokyo

Yay! A blog update~!  😥 Got some free time tonight so I decided to share some stories of my fun days with friends here in Tokyo!

Even after the week-long  Kawaii Leader project with NHK / Kawaii International, my first week of May was also packed / “fully booked”! So many friends coming over during the Golden Week! I think I was outside almost everyday… ;_; It was so tough and challenging since I have to juggle so many responsibilities (real work / JapanLover.me / Rainbowholic ) all at once. *_* I think I need to divide myself into 3 more.  :blank:

Anywaaaaay, I’m still very grateful because my friends from Manila came to visit! It was so funn and I almost forgot all of my obligations..! :”) Wish I could do this more and more..  :star:


I’ve been collaborating with Tracy姉ちゃん for a couple of projects together. For the work x fun meeting, we both decided to go to Koenji since we love the overall vibe in this place~! We also planned to visit the SPANK! store… which explains our matching SPANK! -inspired fashion looks here.

So pop and pastel~y!  :333:

Work it work it

Perfect weather + not so many people + streets with lots of hidden treasures..

She’s rocking the tights from SPANK!

Thanks to my friend Chris, we found Floresta! Such a perfect chill place.. :O

Our noms


After our dougnut break, we took photos around the area~ will reveal more pics once the project is already finished ^^

Wore the stewardess hat again for this special day~

I love blazers so much + my wanderlust backpack is forever my favorite

SPANK! time <3


With CHOCO!! <3

I can’t write a caption for this haha


Highlight of the day: Ate Tracy met SPANK’s designer/owner, Tavuchiさん! <3

Dropped by NUDE N RUDE as well!


Then we went to Harajuku after to just enjoy the rest of the day… seriously, catching up together for just 1 day wasn’t enough. *_*

Proud Tiara muse right here. ;_; Slowly, my own design / illustration by Ate Tracy is coming true huhu!


Trying it out~

So COOL! I love the pop art price tag!! <3


Purikura time~!

Thank you for the awesome day <3

Now you know why Tracy-neechan and I get along so well.. haha!! Kawaii bonding!! :))

These cute doughnuts ;_;

See you again soon~! <3  :yay: More stories to write about us later hihihihi. Early congrats for “Tiara in Tokyo” success!


Maidreamin’ & Toy Shopping @ Nakano with Justin~

After my day with Ate Tracy (again, “ate” means older sister in Tagalog, hehehe)~ I got to spend a whole day with Justin! Super random day I swear haha~

Anddddd he contributes photos for JapanLover.me btw. Kyoto photo stroll part 1 and 2, please check these out hehehe. (Lol, segue much??) :))


We first had our brunch at Maidreamin’ cafe. I originally wanted to take him to @home cafe but because I have poor navigational skills… we just opted for Maidreamin’. We saw a random maid giving out flyers & thought it would be best if we get escorted, haha.


He ordered this kawaii kuma curry and I ordered a neko omurice. 😀

It was also my first time to eat at a Maid cafe in Akihabara! It was so fun hahaha.. we also encountered a “wild maid” with crazy dancing skills omg =))


First time to see “Akibacars” around! We were lucky enough to ride and take some photos haha.. tourist mode on. :))

(on a different note.. for some reason, Akihabara is becoming my #2 Harajuku too. Blame the toys >_>)


Next time, we shall do some photostrolling together for real, haha! I was feeling so tired the whole week that my camera also decided to take a rest. D:

My poodle boots for comfy traveling in Tokyo..


We went to many stores / buildings for some toy window shopping~ and after that, we finally moved to Nakano! 😀

Nakano Mandarake! *_* The biggest/largest 2nd-hand toy shop I’ve ever been!!!

Will be posting a report about Nakano Broadway on JapanLover.me! ^^v



WTF, 13,000+ tamagotchi?? *_*

Still in Nakano Broadway, I found these matcha noms from Okashi Machioka~

Justin and his brothers + me :)) Kawaii experience!! Hahaha!!


After that, I got invited for dinner! HUHUHU so happy I got to eat unagi!! Now I’m craving for it again.. >_>

This photo is too painful to look at. ;_;


After the delicious dinner, I was on my way home when I saw this from a store..


Japan why you have so many yummy desserts ;_; Seriously ;_;  ;_:

And after that depressing encounter with desserts I cannot eat for health reasons.. I finally reached home! :”)

.. and I turned into this:


Rilakkaila time yay!


じゃあ〜 More updates later~!


11 thoughts on “Koenji with Pixie Tracy and Toy Shopping with Justin in Tokyo

  1. :heart: :heart: :heart: Both Tracy and you are awesome :DD

    I really like your poodle boots :DD The doughnuts look too cute to eat ;_;


    With love,

  2. eeep cat donuts and so amazing to meet Tavuchi!
    you have the best adventures, hopefully you’re able to get some more random days off..maybe 🙂

  3. Whaaaaa! I missssss TOKYO NOW NOW! I love this day… and your photos are divine Babygirl!! Haha! I’m re-living our days in this post!! Kai Kai Kai so much to say~ You know me and my stories 48 hours is not enough hahaha! OMG, why am I blabbing a long comment? I dunno either.

    I haven’t stopped talking to Atreyu, to Taka, to a friend, to facebook, to Tiara’s Facebook, to IG since I got back hhahaha WTF?! I’m such a chatterbox?!? Okay I should sleep! (I missed “SHOWER” today because of my “stories”) HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Okay. Stop it, Trace. GO TO BED. LOL LOL LOL.

    :pink: :pink: :pink: :pink: :pink: :pink:

    ebbzzchan ~ Thank you!! :yay:

    Amaya ~ Thank you!! You know I cried when my doughnut fell off becauseI didn’t want to eat it… it was worst when it rolled down the table?! 😥 😥 😥 😥

    Fiona ~ It was surreal like fate to meet Tavuchi on my first day of trip and then again when Kai and I came! Like a destiny~ haha!

    So talkative talking here on Kaila’s Blog LOL
    :lulz: :lulz: :lulz: :lulz:

  4. i love how cute the food is in japan! i feel like opening my own cafe here just to have someplace to get equally cute food, haha. also, i really need that sailor moon figure :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

  5. wow where did you get those amazing poodle boots *__* this post was such a good pick-me-up during busy finals week ^^ thank you!!

  6. waaaah those donuts :heart: how can I eat those 😥

    those EYE BOWS ARE SO ADORABLE. ate Tracy makes the best fashion designs ever :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

    I wanna ride those kawaii akibacars :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    you’re coordinate is always the best neechan :heart: :heart: :heart:

    if Japan Lover Me has already an office, I wanna work in their :heart: :heart: :heart:


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