Korean Town in Shin-Okubo, Candy Camera and Harry Potter

My brother bought two pairs of contact lenses a few days ago. He doesn’t know how to wear those so… naturally I declared the other pair mine.

From Don Quijote

What is unfocused : ))

I was totally spaced out looking at myself after I’ve gotten to wear this pair. This kind of pair is the one that makes your eyes look bigger.. and I have big eyes already so.. @_@

We went to visit the Korean Embassy for our visa (just for visa, because there’s no way we could go there when my classes start)..

Riding the subway from Shinjuku station

After applying, we went straight to Shin-Okubo to visit the “Korean Town”

Kind of disappointed because there were just stalls selling kpop stuff (which I would totally go crazy if this were the past Kaila)

I think I’ve “grown” up from being the hyper fangirl over my kpop boys.. = ))

CNBLUE is totally my bias.

Crazy exposure = )) Me posting with Jang Geun Suk..

I became a fan of his after watching Hong Gil Dong : )

Famous korean street food stall..

Lazy dress-up. Just a plain shirt and some denim shorts.. this is so my uniform = ))

I don’t know why I have a lot of white shirts here in my closet @_@


Saw lots of fansigns, etc. Didn’t want to spend money on these so I just roamed around. I think I like Harajuku’s cute stuff more : ))


Pig rabbits galore

Parco, Urawa

After that, my brother and I split up. Didn’t want to go home and do some work so I went to the mall instead.

Had a quick snack after strolling around at a cafe here. I like spending my “me-time”.

A friend from highschool told me before (Hi Lorina!).. that “being alone” is a strength or something close to that.

I don’t get it when people go frantic about eating lunch alone or doing stuff alone.. I believe that one should enjoy his/her solidarity. : )

Also, for me…  it’s when I come up with crazy ideas for my creative projects.

I haven’t posted toilet-related stuff about Japan (lol, why should I?).. but it’s one of Japan’s quirks that amaze me.

If this were the 7 yr. old Kaila, I would totally hang out and try all the automatic stuff here : ))

You could play a “flushing” sound music so that it wouldn’t be awkward when you do your thing.. : ))

This is one of the typical toilets here. There’s an automatic (just hover your hand on the button) garbage dispenser in this specific cubicle. It’s also typical here 8D

Went to Village Vanguard to immerse myself with cute random stuff (my favorite place!)

Carton box cameras 8D

and finally…

I finally had the courage to buy myself this film camera! It’s actually not that expensive but it’s not in my priority list of things I need to have (not want)


This is so photoshoot-able, haha

:blank: :blank: :blank:

That awkward moment when everyone has watched Harry Potter …


. . . .

No judging

While waiting for 6:15, I just took photos of random things inside my bag..

Hajimemashite : )

My not-so-business business card.

From Village Vanguard too : )

Got my film developed today! Not bad for a disposable camera, right?

At Okayama.. over there is a highway in front of where we stayed @_@


Photos from the Daikanyama hangout : )

OMG TOKYO TOWER FAIL : )))) Where is the tower??

I look like a child -_-


That’s the Urawa Station

Random buttons in another toilet = )) Macro is not functioning ugh

HP7 with a blanket + 3D glasses. I was literally getting goosebumps every scene @_@ Action + thriller + fantasy …

Almost empty cinema. I love the ambience!

Girly stuff I bought from a store in Shin-Okubo…

I’m a fan of Etude House (bought bb cream before from an online shop way before there was Etude House PH) 8D

I spent so many money on this day that I’m still feeling a bit about it today… but no regrets? Huhuhu I’m nao moneylessss : /

That would be all for an update! School will resume on Monday and I GOT AN AMNESIA.. HUHUHUHUHUHU



4 thoughts on “Korean Town in Shin-Okubo, Candy Camera and Harry Potter

  1. True. I don’t get why some people can’t take being alone… Mga kaibigan ko nga nagpapasama pa sa washroom eh. =))))

    Anyways~ Ang raming Kpop stuff wow. @______@ And lol didn’t know you were into K-pop, ate. :)) OMG! You’ve finally bought the cutie pie candy camera awwww pastel stars inside it omg ang cuuuuute~ :heart: And huhu ang cute talaga ng shoes mo, ate. :((( And the business card so kawaii desuuuuu~ 8D Oh btw ate how much are the carton box cameras? :O I’ve always wanted one ever since I was little…Like yung camera/photo store sa Megamall dati na malapit sa grocery store parati kong tinititigan. *w*

    Oh and Tony Moly and Etude House, right? @w@

    Lol okay ang haba na ng comment ko~~ =))


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