Last Day at Ginza with Kawaii Leaders + Uniqlo Kawaii Style + Yummy Okonomiyaki in Harajuku

Hello friends! How are you?  :heart: It’s crazy how time flies so much! I cannot believe it’s DECEMBER AGAAAIIIN! : )  :heart:

Even though things have become busier because of our website launch this December 21,

I’m really happy that all our visions and objectives are finally coming true!

Ever since I got chosen by NHK World to become Philippines’ “Kawaii” represent in April 2013, I felt that I had to share and help spread kawaii more in a very hands-on way here in the Philippines. I decided to go back here in Manila last August.. and now, I have two months left before I go back to finish my new set of duties in Japan (which is to create more ties in order to bring Japan’s kawaii-dom closer here in Philippines.. and maybe to SEA / South-east Asia as well, with Stella and influential kawaii people!)! I feel so lucky to have dedicated teammates who really go out of their way for this dream kawaii project despite all the hurdles and negativity from naysayers (sad case of crab mentality crap here in PH). The more they question / dare to spread rumors regarding the team or our passion-filled projects, the more we get pumped up to do more work! Seriously, I think I’ll cry when December 21 finally arrives! : )


A year ago, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life and work. All I knew was I’ve got to TRY everything out and see what would work the best (as suggested by my mentors). So I went out, met people.. and tried out different sorts of things.. and those were all kawaii-related gigs in Tokyo! Not all worked out so well even though I did my best… but I just realized that in every opportunity that I created for myself before (you don’t wait for those to come, you really create those.. hashtag learning haha), it led me another.. and to another, and to another.

Now that I have my plans solidified and laid out (all the way until 2015 guys, lol), I’m nervous yet excited to “execute” them all! Kawaii cafe in the Philippines, Dream Tweam in Tokyo Design Festa November 2014.. and possibly, a Kawaii Convention in Manila in 2015! How exciting will these be?? I don’t know yet HOW in the world I can do all of these but I’ll just do the best of my best. : )

So much work to do, no time to blog already.. ooops. ~guilty~  :blush:


Kawaii with Uniqlo & GU (ji~yu~)!

Anyway, that’s my work-related update for now. Let’s enjoy the photospam below already. So much text already, ughhhh : )))


Here’s a super throwback blog entry of our last day together for our Kawaii Leaders in Tokyo special.  :yay:


Uniqlo x kawaii fun with Lolita Marie & our favorite pink&blue-haired Eva!

We had a giveaway for Kawaii.i fans way way way back~! 😀

Riding the subway with the girls~!


I already went back to my place during the last few days~


Shohoku (Rukawa) x Domo-kun style. I miss dressing up in ota-cute fashion! For some reason, I’m into simple dolly-style here..

… probably because of the weather or my stuff are in Japan :))

Was walking back to our Hotel when I saw this lovely Milk store window display. Love <3






We went to an Okinawan-themed novelty shop in Ginza first~ I think I left the photos in my computer in Japan TT_TT

We took so many photos in Ginza stores! Zannen… >_>


We so pretty lol


We were tasked to style ourselves using Uniqlo and GU clothes! <3




Marie was in her usual lolita mode while Eva in her signature colors!

While Kaila….uhm,  I don’t know. Hahaha

Kaori-san showed us these lovely Domo-kun shirts!


Marie got the pink one! <3

I always enjoy snapping random Japanese food / items. <3




Accompanied Eva while going around Harajuku~ I was her manager that time  : )))

My broken Japanese sometimes helps haha


Our last dinner together HUHUHUHU I CRY


Stella, maximizing the last moments by bullying our French lolita girl… hahahaha KIDDING


With Kaori-san, the oshare and kawaii producer!


Later that night, we also got invited to join the NYLON PARTY!!! :O WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT!!

So basically, we didn’t sleep that night/morning because we all wanted to bond until the last minutes huhuhuhu..


Kaila with her girls, lololol.


I don’t know how we socialized that night. : )))


Many thanks to Misha Janette-san for having us!! :”)

Farewell…. 🙁

After partying for a bit, we finally headed back to the hotel. I couldn’t believe it was time to say goodbye again to my newfound friends. I was being super clingy that time…

Really really tired..

Sending off the last person, Marie 🙁

It was such a ;_; moment for me…

Harajuku at 6:00 AM..

“Did it all happen?” “Is it a dream?” .. my thoughts that day.

I waited for my train back to Saitama with tears of joy and a big grin.

From that moment on…

I realized that I wasn’t chosen just because I was a lucky girl who they just discovered in the internet.

They chose me because maybe.. I really do have a mission to start on my own.

And that is to spread kawaii and happiness, in whatever means I can. : )

Thank you for the precious memories, new friends, wonderful opportunities..  everything.

I won’t forget,

Kawaii Leader Kaila-chan


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