Last of Summer

I feel quite sad that my 1-month long summer is about to end. I have to concentrate on school when Monday comes so this post will probably stay long on the front page..

My summer was quite a mix. I traveled to places here in Japan, did some work, had lazy days, and so on. I’m  proud of myself though.. this is one of the most productive summers I’ve had so far. : )

And my intro ends here, haha~



My brother purchased a new prime lens so I tried it out.

This is the new 50mm.

Old 50mm (which ironically has better specs than the new one, haha).

This feels so lighter than the 1.4 one!

And so my curtain fell. Funny story

I think you could call me an Apple girl too. My brother also bought an iPad for an event.. he’s not really that technically inclined so.. I got lucky : )

Wee : )

Illustration by Chichi ~ Visit the awesome littlemisspaintbrush on tumblr~!

My first ever apple product, Macbook pro. My Sony Vaio broke down (huhu because of windows) during my senior year.. and it was about time to “update” my skills with better programs.

Virtuoso App

Didn’t know that there was also a white version @_@

Rainbows & Teddybears

Remember my Harajuku Sunday post? During that day, there was a sale in Bodyline. The prices were 30% off or so!

It’s so pretty huhu

Fits with my candy camera!

Can’t stop taking photos, hehe

and shoes were on sale too!

Got this for 3k yen. Wooden platforms ala lolita! : )

This deserves photos

Such a struggle to get this photo : ))

So cute, ne?

And this is how I’m going to end this abruptly. : )

I’ll miss Summer (Japan version)!

Ima, benkyoushimashou…..~ Now, let’s study!


3 thoughts on “Last of Summer

  1. kaila!!! we have the same ipad wallpaper :bleh: cute e no? hahaha try downloading garageband for ipad… its wonderful!! :heart:

  2. Your heels remind me of cardcaptor sakura lol idk why~ Omg Ate apple girl talaga… *A* Oh and the dress you bought looks so cute!! :heart:


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