Last Random Hurrah for 2012 + Design Festa Cafe in Harajuku

HALUUUUUUU guyssss ;_; Did you miss me..? I hope you did because I also missed blogging + interacting with you guys :O :O  😥

Unfortunately, when I was in Manila.. it was very hard for me to update because of my internet connection (couldn’t handle my big images, haha) and I was having too much fun with my family and friends.. hehe. #guilty

I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to meet up with some people.. I think I met around 7-10 groups of friends / relatives in 3 weeks *_* And I got sick during my first days.. so it was really really crazy busy one for me! 🙂

It feels very refreshing to blog again after an impromptu holiday hiatus ^^v I think this way is better (than feeling pressured to blog durin vacation <– bloggers will understand this) because sometimes, we need to have a full taste of our lives without the internet. And boy, it sure was a delicious one for me! Just minus the last dramas of 2012, haha! 😛


As you guys probably know by now, I just turned 22 last January 3rd! :what:  When everyone was celebrating New Year, my real new year (haha) was actually days later , ahahaha:P

Thank you to my family, friends, readers for the best wishes for me during my special day. Even though it was quite a busy one, I had a great one because I got to spend it with my family. ^^ I shall report on that later… after I finish all the drafts I prepared during holidays #fail =))

Avalanche of delayed posts, スタト!! (start!!!)


Kawaii Nomnomnom + Meeting Random People

This day was probably the most random day in 2012.

A few days ago before my flight, my sis-in-law’s mother’s friends suddenly had a spontaneous vacation here in Japan. They are flight stewardesses so they get all the privileges of traveling (envy). :blank:  They were supposed to go to Bangkok for some shopping but they got bumped off and they needed to stay in Tokyo instead! :O It was so funny because my sis-in-law Claire wanted to celebrate her daughter’s 2 months and she wanted to prepare a big meal just for us (after our Costco) and little did we know we really had guests! Super random! :))

During their only whole day in Tokyo, we wanted to share the Japan shopping experience so we had a road trip all the way from Saitama to Tokyo.. for Harajuku. :”D


Brought some snacks for me during the ride~

Pocky matcha crush :O :O


Found this DIY your own Koara no Machi House in one of our stopovers. Haha so cute! ^^

Deco party!

My favorite corner in every kombini :))


Vocaloid cuteness x snack collabs


Kawaii jyanai?

Yummy yummy green tea soft cookies *_*

At Omotosando~ It was a perfect day for looking around!


Strawberry Corner @ Family Mart

This pretty shade of blue caught my attention haha 😛

My simple coordinate! :”) I’m really loving black right now hehe~


First time to have a meal @ Design Festa Gallery Harajuku‘s Sakura Tei restaurant.

Really loving the artistic vibe of all the whole place. I want to produce something like this in the future too *_*

More rainbows on the wall though, 😛


When you see this inside, you’re in the right place! Hehe



Art in every nook.



We had okonomiyaki so that our guests would experience it! Super yummmyyyy and I really recommend this place if you want to rest and just have a good time :”D

They have more interesting rooms inside.

BATMAN and ROBIN katana!

Seriously, art everywhere *_*

This place is my instant favorite!


Harajuku, Almost 3 Weeks Ago! 😀

And then we walked around and saw this… pretty usual =))

Yep, she does!

Streetsnapper being streetsnapped by me. Streetnapception much? :)))

I MISS MY PENNY HUHUHU (I left it at home because my cousin wanted it so bad + too heavy for my luggage)

Ripped off art (probably from deviantART) on a hoodie..


I love this dolly dolly / simple kawaii style :”)


Would love to have a pair of batman sleepwear :O :O


Fluffiness in Harajuku <3

I bought that cute bow dress because it was just so damn cute :O


My favorites from window shopping!

My favorite yellow coat from last year + Doc Martens from a thrift shop in Holland!


Roomwear fashion ! 😀 I’ll probably zip it up because it’s super cold right now hehehe

Simple & dainty shoes are very attractive to me right now.

990 yen! :O

Strolling around with this family ~ Hello Baby Chisa!

Harajuku crepes~ <3

I love chocolates and banana :O Super sinfullll!

Tutuana winter collection

The space one is really really cute!

I think I’ll run if ever I saw anyone wearing any of these masks while walking towards my direction… kawaii & kowaiiiii! :))

Luke Chueh‘s art


Cutest sneaks from SWIMMER!

These neko bags are so cute *_*


Swim @ Swimmer’s Paradise hahaha

WANT *_*

Harajuku map @ Starbucks


H&M basics :O I want those gold sequin shorts!


After a whole day of shopping (mostly window shopping for me, hehe).. I got so tired *_* I don’t really like walking while it’s winter cold! >_<

Going to end this entry with a cute photo of this froggie donuts (sent by my Kawaii contributor, lololol.. JL姉ちゃん):D

And a special JP Post x KitKat collaboration ! Can’t wait for SAKURA season ;_;


Until the next snowball entry (because  I mentioned I’ll be having an avalanche.. #mylamehumor *_*)…

Jyaa mataaa~


14 thoughts on “Last Random Hurrah for 2012 + Design Festa Cafe in Harajuku

  1. So many snacks…. Pocky & green tea cookies omg :heart: :heart:

    Aaahhh siguro maiiyak ako sa pag-window shopping diyan kasi ang gaganda nilang lahat maiiyak na rin wallet ko ;__________; I love the bow dress you bought + the tights and the sweaters and EVERYTHING ohmygay

    Swimmer is HEAVEN :heart: And I spot a bow sweater at the right H&M photo huhu so pretty kahit kalahati lang nakikita ko, type ko na yung outfit ;_____;

    Can’t wait to go there huhuhuhu GANBATTE, ATE KAILA!!! Rest rest kahit chotto busy ok~

  2. I soooooo wan to shop in Japan, because there are some things here in America you just can’t find snywhere else. :kawaii: :heart:

  3. Happy Birthday once again Kaila! although it’s been a week since it 😆

    I’ve been following this blog for such a long time already and I really love it. I love how almost every post includes Pocky, like, whenever I see Pocky I remember Kaila and whenever I see anything about Rainbowholic I think about Pocky :heart:

    So I was scrolling down, reading this blog entry, watching all the photos of cute stuff and then… BANG! I saw Big Bang! Been a little crazy about them recently :dancee: :love:

    And also, seeing all the clothes, bags and other fashionable things is like a heaven to me as I’m starting my modeling career and should pay more attention to what I’m wearing (unfortunately, only photos 😥 )

    Ending here 😉

    By the way, almost forgot, 明けましておめでとう! :yay: Hoping to be able to go to Japan this year :happy:

  4. I just recently found your Blog.
    Everything that you post some pictures about your Fashion is so cool and cute. :love:
    Your blog is keeping my hopes up that one day, I will be able to go to Japan.


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