Lavenders, Sunflowers, and Hydrangeas at Tambara Lavender Park

Hello everyone!

Finally had some time to sit down and sort out all the photos from my phone and camera. Yay! ?

During Ashley’s second day in Saitama, we decided to explore Gunma prefecture for the first time! It’s nearer from where I’m located than being in Tokyo so we were able to maximize the entire day!

IMG_0839Tambara Lavender Park 2

When Ashley and I were talking about our synced vacation together, she suggested Tambara Lavender Park.

Seriously, this girl really knows how to research amazing places! :”)

IMG_7378 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

The place really reminded me of Farm Tomita in Hokkaido.

Last year (at around this time) was when I visited Hokkaido all by myself, omg! Time really FLIES!!

IMG_7444 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

Beautiful lavenders!

IMG_7412 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

The best part of this trip? I got to spend it with Ashley!

IMG_0861Tambara Lavender Park 2

While she wanted to see lavenders.. I wanted to see sunflowers. And it was such a delightful surprise when we saw a mini park / area just for sunflowers inside Tambara Lavender Park!


Dream photo = achieved!

IMG_7382 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

Now, let’s start with the narration!



IMG_7354 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

We woke up early and skipped the breakfast at home! We changed trains from Omiya station.

IMG_7355 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

MATSUYA for breakfast is really just the best!

(how to save money tip from the both of us, lol)

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 1

Cute traaaaain!

Oh by the way, Ashley also wrote some tips about solo traveling in Japan on her blog.

Please do read if you’re planning to do one in the future! 😉

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 2

Ashley’s Tambara / Tanbara Lavender Park blog post

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 3

Bus timetable / schedule.

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 4

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 5

We arrived pretty early for the bus so we decided to kill time inside the nearby kombini ~

IMG_7360 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 7

Even the water bottle is cute..

(because #Japan)

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 8

A flock of tourists came after this photo was taken, haha

IMG_7362 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

Peko-chan, spotted!

IMG_7361 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

IMG_0817Tambara Lavender Park 2

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 9

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 10

GOAL that day: Take a photo with the lavenders just like that, haha

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 11

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 12

After a 1.5+ hr. bus ride, we have arrived!

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 17

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 18

Cute purple owls!

IMG_7380 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

Highly recommended: try the Lavender x Cremia icecream!!

IMG_0829Tambara Lavender Park 2

We literally SQUEALED when we saw this!!

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 20

Seeing Ashley so happy that day (she ran away from me when she saw WHITE hydrangeas omg haha) = best feeling ever

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 22

Look at that smile y’all

Couldn’t stop this girl from posing with the ajisai flowers lololol

Mwaa Ashley ~

IMG_7384 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

More photos of LARME-style here ~

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 29

That cheeky smile haha

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 34

We were contemplating if we should take a ride to another place..

… and we were SOOO happy with our decision!

IMG_7377 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

IMG_0874Tambara Lavender Park 2

IMG_0873Tambara Lavender Park 2

IMG_0863Tambara Lavender Park 2

Thank you Japan for letting people appreciate the wonders of nature! Wish we had more flower parks back in the Philippines!

IMG_0832Tambara Lavender Park 2

IMG_7409 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

IMG_0860Tambara Lavender Park 2

IMG_7395 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

What a fun, fun day it was omg huhu I can still remember all the details!

IMG_7423 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

We had so much combined luck that day because once we got off this ride.. it rained so hard!

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 35

IMG_7440 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

Killing time inside the cafeteria while waiting for the rain to stop.

Yay I caught a Gastly!

IMG_0879Tambara Lavender Park 2

Tambara Lavender Park page | Official Website

IMG_0881Tambara Lavender Park 2

We were about to go back again but we got curious when we saw people walking towards a certain direction.

.. and that place was filled with more LAVENDERS omg!

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 40

IMG_0876Tambara Lavender Park 2

IMG_0884Tambara Lavender Park 2

IMG_0890Tambara Lavender Park 2

We were each other’s personal photographer, haha!

IMG_0895Tambara Lavender Park 2

PINK hydrangeas?? OMG this day

IMG_7446 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

Crying inside huhu

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 42

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 43

While we were enjoying the beautiful sceneries, there was accompanying music in the background too!

That day was super magical!

IMG_7452 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

Going back ~

IMG_7422 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

IMG_7466 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

And after a 4-hr. bus + train ride back to Saitama, we’re home!

We took so many photos, talked about deep things in life (best adjective for our friendship: DEEP lolol), and brought home so many memories together. Can’t wait for the day we’d travel around Japan again. :”)

I am just sooo grateful to have such great & inspiring friends like her. A decade ago, I used to just dream about being in company with genuinely supportive, positive and hard-working people.. and now, I’m proud to say that I’ve met my kind of people / friends who would be friends with me until I become a kawaii grandma many decades from now! Hehehe ~

Ashley’s resourceful / loves budgeting & doing business like me too so we really just *click*!!

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 45

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 46

You can watch the #Hobonichi With Me video version of our trip here. 

Kawaii Lavender Tambara Park 47

Hope you guys enjoyed the post!

More posts about my travels with my friends soon in the future!

Love, カイラ

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