Let’s Talk About Shibuya! (#TokyoExtra 12/27 Youtube Live Stream Show)

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow, I will be part of TOKYO EXTRA youtube live stream show once again! This wouldn’t be possible if it were not for your support! ;_; I cannot believe I’ll be a guest one more time! I thought that my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was already enough (and just represent Kawaii PH).. but I guess life just really surprises you randomly. *_* Thank you to Tokyo Extra team for trusting me again + my friends for being the Miss Bulgaria in my life!

For some behind-the-scenes, you may follow my snapchat account: rainbowholic.me <3

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Arrange your Tokyo Itinerary by using Google Plus and checking out Tokyo Extra’s curated travel information!

Tokyo Extra Shibuya02

In the next episode, we will be discussing and sharing useful information about SHIBUYA!

Tokyo Extra shibuya ashley

Here’s a super pretty photo of Ashley at the famous Shibuya Crossing.


Will be posting my top 5 favorite activities / places in Shibuya soon on my Google Plus account.

Shibuya Justin Japan 01

If you are going to TOKYO anytime soon, SHIBUYA is definitely one of the top 5 places you should come and visit!

It’s a crowded place but it’s still manageable. 😉 It’s so pretty at night!

Shibuya Justin Japan 02

Photos by Justin of JustinJapan.com

Tokyo Extra Shibuya05

TOKYO EXTRA has already uploaded the Shibuya episode and you can watch it here!

Viennaさん is the Tokyo Extra reporter in the video.

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✦ Youtube Live Stream Show Link ✦

Youtube Live Stream Schedule

December 27, 2015 (SUNDAY)

24:30, Tokyo Time

10:30, New York Time

15:30, London Time

23:30, Philippine Time (11:30 PM)

Tokyo Extra Shibuya06

When in Shibuya, do not miss taking a touristy photo of Hachiko (located at Hachiko Exit in JR Shibuya Station)!!

If you don’t know Hachiko, you should go watch the original Japanese film (based on true story) first. Do not forget to prepare some tissue! You will CRY ;_;

When I first went to Shibuya years back, I was so excited to see HACHIKO!!

Tokyo Extra Shibuya

If you are going to Tokyo during the Halloween season, you should go to Shibuya. Halloween in Japan will take your breath away.

Click here to view colorful photos of Shibuya during the Halloween (as documented by TokyoFashion.com)!

Tokyo Extra Shibuya08

Tokyo Extra Shibuya07

Tokyo Extra Shibuya09

Just a normal day in Shibuya … :)) Crossing the pedestrian will make you an expert in dodging people lololol

Tokyo Extra Shibuya03

Watch Vienna’s Shibuya episode here about karaoke rooms + a famous pub!

Tokyo Extra Shibuya04

Hope you guys will watch tomorrow’s youtube live stream show too! XD

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If you have place recommendations or photos you’d like to share, feel free to post those using your Google Plus account and use the hashtags #Shibuya & #TokyoExtra!


Here is JapanLover.me’s Top 10 Things To Do When in Shibuya (2014 version) ~ 



And before I end this blog entry, of course.. I’d like to greet you a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!


*shares a slice of Strawberry shortcake*

Merry Christmas Japan lover Me

Merry Christmas / メリークリスマス!!

Thank you for reading this blog entry! Will announce the postcard winner of the Blippo Kawaii Shop giveaway soon too!

Lots of love,


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