Life Lately & Thoughts + Revamped Rainbowholic Homepage ?

Hi all!

Been feeling a little more productive than usual. I don’t know what’s with me these days but I’m in a super ~content creation~ mode, lolol.

Before that and before I write down some current random thoughts.. let me just share some photos! :”) It ain’t a rainbowholic blog entry without a photospam first, haha ~

Got to design my wall filled with pretty sakura things!

A favorite corner in my room.

Washi tapes I’ve been using these days ~

My favorite washi covered spread from my ABC Daily Journal


How I cope with stress:

Lots of kawaii stationery + encouraging comments for myself 🙂

Flipped through my ABCs of Journaling Book and one could say this is my favorite page (because it’s our selfie photo lololol)

Kawaii Giant Pocky discovered while lurking around LoFT

Ah seriously Japan, why make everything TOO cute?! ;_;

*snaps everything*

I’m drafting this blog inside a cafe right now. Oh God, how I miss doing this, huhu! I usually blog when I’m in a hurry after work or during lunch break. This is my 久しぶり time to enjoy blogging without time pressure, haha!

Earlier, I just impulsively bought a Nihongo book + “justified” kawaii notebook (+ mechanical pencil + eraser) for my Japanese language review efforts. I say “justified” because of course, I already have too many blank notebooks at home that I can use… but whatever, this will be the last justified purchase of the week, lololol.


Yesterday, while coming up with contest mechanics for JLM STORE, I randomly had this urge to study Japanese again (the most random timing ever lol). I’ve been here for many years but because I rarely use Japanese (we all speak Tagalog / English in our company huhu)… I still can’t express myself in Nihongo. Nobody forced me to relearn Nihongo again but I guess, I should not waste my current “inspired to be better at Nihongo” mood.. I’m such a warui gakusei (bad student) ever since lolol.

Aside from this sudden Nihongo drive, I feel so inspired to grow and work on Rainbowholic. I just could not stop talking about this crazy dream / goal I have whenever I converse with my friends / loved ones! As of now, I’ve been consistently focusing my efforts on Rainbowholic TV & Rainbowholic Shop. At the top, you will see or notice an additional “Japan Guide” tab and I really aim to organize this corner in my website. This will be very different from other Japan-related projects / work that I am also affiliated with.

During sometime last year, I woke up one day and I finally realized what I really wanna do for the rest of my life. I’m the type of person who is so active and tries out everything.. so this ~enlightenment~ is really different for me. Definitely a eureka moment for me.

Ever since I discovered how fun it is to tweak html codes & create webpages more than a decade ago… indeed, I have always created web content almost all of my life. This skill that I honed with the help of google, some books, workshops, youtube videos and such, really helped me greatly to jumpstart many projects online. Do not get me wrong though, I do love my work at JLM Store as the overall manager + founder / creative director for Japan Lover Me.. but besides being part of this amazing & ambitious company which I juggle with my entrepreneurial ventures, I think that a huge part of my calling in life is really to come up with fresh creative content in the form of blog entries, videos, and such. When I think about it, I really do have the best time whenever I do and combine all the puzzle pieces (ideas) inside my brain. Though it is tough for me to go all-out and full force for Rainbowholic (meaning, I need to support myself 1000% by not having to rely on a day job).. I am really motivated to make this happen. Thanks to all of my readers’ encouragement throughout these years because without that, I don’t think I would be able to sustain this platform for long. Of course, I won’t leave JLM Store / Japan Lover Me completely. I will still be evidently there as it is my big baby with my team.. but I aim to really concentrate a huge chunk of my time to build the empire I have in my mind. Phew ~ gambatte, self!

I feel like I’m always evolving and I can’t stay too long in one phase. This is probably because I always want to improve and level up myself no matter what. When you’re getting older, I guess that the only way to stay ~youthful~ is to be hungry for knowledge. And I wanna be youthful even if I age every year, lololol ~

It will take many baby & big steps to really reach what I envision this personal blog to become and I hope that you will still be there when it happens! :”)

Anddd wow, I typed so long! Haha ~ I missed writing down my thoughts so spontaneously here! This is a blog after all. 🙂 Thanks for reading everything, haha ~

Goodbye to my first slideshow set ~

If you haven’t noticed, I changed the set of photos of my blog’s homepage! Just gonna dump the photos from the first slideshow here because.. I’m gonna miss ’em.

I’m so weird, lolol.


Hope you guys have a wonderful week ahead! It’s already Wednesday~ and Friday is near!! Haha ~



3 thoughts on “Life Lately & Thoughts + Revamped Rainbowholic Homepage ?

  1. I’m just like you when it comes to evolving and can’t staying too long in one phase.
    Your pictures are so cute !! I love the maiko one and the sumikko gurashi one.

    I didn’t went for a long time so it’s like I see your blog for the first time ^^ Keep the good job Kaila <3


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