Life Lately + Hobonichi Diaries + Kyoto Trip Preview ?

Hi everyone!

After long week doing various work, I’m so happy that I finally got the time to post and update this blog!

Ever since 2017 started, a LOT has happened. It’s been such a whirlwind lately but I’m just really grateful that even though it’s been a rough start (work-wise), things seem to be working out for me. I’m getting shocked almost every other day, lol!

Anyway, let me just narrate a few things from notable (and regular) days. ^^

Being able to film during my free time (lunch breaks and mornings before work, haha) is something that I will be always thankful about!

Indeed, if you really want something to kick off, you have to make time for it. This year, I aim Rainbowholic.TV to really grow 🙂

Little by little, I’ll get there. ^^

Such a fine day in Kyoto. Wearing Kimono during my birthday in my most favorite place in the world was the best for me.

Taking days off every year for solo travel really freshens up my spirits.

The little things such as admiring this view while inside the train just make me so giddy like a child. Reminds me of the time I traveled solo to Hokkaido too!

Rented a kimono in Arashiyama (Yume Kyoto Kimono) and chose this adorable design! Simple but kawaii!

Getting surprises and gifts such as this from random strangers (hello, Yume Kyoto Kimono staff!) = aahhhh best feeling!

How many times have I typed “best” / “happy” words here? Haha! I’m running out of synonyms!

Matcha matcha!

I wanted to freeze this moment so bad. So peaceful, serene and perfect. Me and my matcha dessert for breakfast, haha!

Printed memories ~

Video coming soon! 😉

Matcha cake morning with my roomie, Anne!

How I spend my weekends at home like a true obaachan haha

2016 Journal Summary | Hobonichi + Midori + #ABCDailyJournal ?

25 year old me 🙂

Arrived home and my cutie niece Chisa surprised me with this, lol! I’m not even upset, haha!!

Living in the moment. Celebrating each and every day.

Fail we-fie with my apartmentmates haha!

Round One night with the family. These moments are rare and priceless 🙂

Tried hoverboard for the first, haha! It was crazy lolol

Got a gift from Round One because it’s my birthday month! *amazed*

What we do at work 😉

Great job, Anne!

Currently uploading kawaii stationery items! Check Rainbowholic Shop tomorrow / one of these days 😉

That time when we dined at a delicious Indian Restaurant.

Matcha ?

Got to play the taiko drum game for the first time! It was so much fun!! I wanna try it again, haha!

Probably one of my happiest days so far this 2017. Thank you! ?

Was so surprised! :))


When you accidentally turned off the refrigerator :))) LOLOL

This was just too funny for me! Hahaha


When you work as team, you achieve more things! 🙂 Super proud of this!

Strawberry season has arrived!

Ichigo mornings


Strawberry finds


All the good things :))

Highlight of this post: Photo of my 299 yen bento from our local grocery! :))

I’ve been saving up these days and finding this gem really made my day during a stressful time at work, haha!



Thanks for reading until this! Hope you guys enjoyed the photospam of random snippets of my days here in JP.



2 thoughts on “Life Lately + Hobonichi Diaries + Kyoto Trip Preview ?

  1. you really got the best shots ever! Aaaah, you still look 23 😀 Happy belated birthday then. And have a memorable year ahead!


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