Life Recently + My New Favorite RÅSKOG Utility Cart

Hi everybody!

For a change, I am blogging about my ~current~ events, haha!

tanabata.jpg tanabata.jpg

Happy Tanabata! Spotted these cuties at our local station.

Read the story of the star-crossed lovers here.

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Today was my second day at work as a sensei. I really enjoy this baito (part-time)!

Did you know that I’ve always wanted to be a preschool teacher when I was young? I can still remember the days when I would pretend as a teacher in front of my playmates, haha! I’m currently teaching English to Japanese kids (got referred by a friend, so I gave it a try).. I really hope they are learning from me, haha! I’m just a substitute right now but I hope I’ll be considered in the future too! Nevertheless, I am already thankful for this experience. :”)

Moreover, it’s a good break for me from all the managerial duties I’ve been doing for JLM Store. *hooray*

My life has become 100x crazier these months as I have more responsibilities and sacrifices to make (I doubt you guys felt that because of my ~rainbowholic~ happy posts haha). Even with all those, as you can tell, I really try my best to be at my most positive self. I’ve committed to live mindfully and to have a “well-rounded” life that does not only revolve around work (it used to be like that). If I do get sad or my mood turns sour, I would remind myself over and over again this: “Why would you ruin a whole day just for that?”.. and after that, my recently scolded self would smile again, haha. In this lifetime, I am aiming for “balance”. I want to enjoy the good and not-so-good days, to maximize my youthful years by traveling within my means and juggling various work, and to document precious moments while being appreciative of everything. The “me right now” is something that I cannot go back in the future anymore, so might as well live each day with a peaceful and open heart.

Even if I am doing so many things right now, I know deep inside that this Kaila would really end up as a passionate entrepreneur / businesswoman in the future (just saving up for my business & trying to build my personal brand more through online media). As you are reading this text right now (especially if you’ve been a longtime reader), I just want to thank you for being a witness of my journey! 🙂

In the past, I used to be a bit impatient (“When I will become like that?”) but along the way, I realized that it was a bad habit to be like that and I was asking myself the wrong question. The correct question is actually.. “How will I become like that?“. Right now, I don’t want to miss “the point of life” while I am busy with answering “How to be like that”. For me, the point of life is actually to be happy (rain or shine) during the journey itself, not to become too much fixated on this idea of this “destination” I’d imagine over and over in my head. I do not want to hurry my days anymore because when I do, I tend to overlook the simple things that actually matter. 

Lol, I feel like I’m being too pensive again haha. That’s Kaila for you! XD Thank you dear blog for being my platform when I do my own monologue~ lol. From having a part-time job as an English teacher to deep talks about life lol.

Enough of my thoughts and let’s proceed, haha!!

ikea-raskog-utility-cart.jpg mt-washi-tape-collection.jpg

Been investing in crafting materials / equipment recently. I feel most alive when I create something and this RÅSKOG utility cart from IKEA is really a good investment for a person like me!

raskog.jpg raskoh.jpg


Chococro break before going to class.


Kawaii hunting ~



It was so hot today!!





Japan in a photo. Traditional x Modern



Melon Cream Soda and beautiful packaging


The applegreen color caught my eye haha


Residential area


And random boxes for trash to end this entry.


On a scale from 1 – 10, how random am I? :))

Anyhow ~ thanks for reading! ^^

<3, カイラ

2 thoughts on “Life Recently + My New Favorite RÅSKOG Utility Cart

  1. Those gudetama slippers are so cute! I love your photos so much, always so lovely. I’ve read this blog post at just the right time. I’ve been feeling a bit down the past few days but this was a good reminder to try and adjust my thoughts so I don’t concentrate on the wrong things. I agree, being happy each day is really important. So thanks for your monologue lol, it gave me a nudge in the right direction ^_^

  2. Oh, WOW! So awesome! I really dream to be an English teacher in Japan but unfortunately since I am from Malaysia, they will totally rejected my application…Lucky you to have somebody as reference.

    You look good as Sensei Kaila (^-^)


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