Life Recently + Quick Reader Survey

Konbanwa  everyone!

Before I get straight to the point, I just want to share these photos with captions. Just tid bits of Kaila’s life, hehe.<3


I’ve finally visited the newest mall in Saitama-shintoshin, Cocoon 2. Spotted these kawaii plushies from the big Sanrio store!

The Sanrio lover in me was internally screaming when I saw these. My favorites are My Melody, Gudetama, and Pompompurin! : )


I’m not sure what kind of flower this is (is this a rose? lol) but I think that it’s just too pretty even if it’s not “perfectly fresh” and a little bit burnt. : )


Feeling a little blue these days so I decided to give myself a treat. Poppin Shower + Chocomint icecream from Baskin Robbins!


This is where I stayed earlier. I can still remember the days when I used to cram my Nihongo shukudai / homework here! : )

Reader Survey: What would you like to learn from me?


For a future project, I would like to ask help from you.. my dear readers! 🙂

I’m wondering, if there are subjects / topics you would like to learn from me (anything under the sun haha), what would these be? When you think of Rainbowholic, what do you first think about? If applicable, what are your favorite blog categories / entries from this blog? 

As of the moment, the areas of expertise that I’m confident to teach will probably be: blogging, photoshop 101, basic photography, simple video editing, strategic planning, personal branding, goal-setting, project management, D.I.Y. anything, leadership, events planning, e-commerce, and the like.

Of course, I think that I would be needing more insights since I’m not very certain which topics should I prioritize to cover.  :cheer:

And that’s why I am asking for your feedback / answer/s.

Hope to see you in the comments section, folks!

Sincerely, カイラ


22 thoughts on “Life Recently + Quick Reader Survey

  1. id love to learn more about how to get into japan and how did you became who you are now from the moment you stepped into the land of Japan. not entirely sure if this was posted before but 🙂

  2. I want to learn about personal branding, goal setting and project management coz I really admire how you handle your projects and your time. ^^

    And by the way, the flowers are so uplifting to look at~ =)

  3. It’d be great to see your guide on how to explore places and really make the most of your time as you travel.
    A bit of advice on time management in general could be good too!

  4. Hello Kaila-san!

    I’d like to read more blogposts on D.I.Y,goal-setting and project management!

    And yes,I think that is…a rose..? If it has thorns then yes lol
    I love that shade of pink,It’s so pretty <3

  5. Posts I love: fashion coordnate, photoshoot, photospams
    I will like to see: strategic planning, personal branding, goal-setting, project management, events planning.

  6. I would like to know more about personal branding, photography, and lots of DIYs! And I love reading about your progress in your other projects as well 🙂

  7. Hi Kaila! 🙂

    I’ve always enjoyed your posts on motivation/inspiration and of course, life in Japan. I personally want to learn more about:
    1) blogging (eg: how to keep the consistency in producing fresh and creative content, how to let go of fear of expressing yourself, etc)
    2) travels (eg: tips to travel in Japan, do’s and don’ts in traveling particularly in Japan, etc)
    3) planning, goal-setting and project management
    4) leadership (it would be nice to learn about the behind-the-scenes and the challenges you encounter in handling a business/team)
    5) life hacks in general hehe 🙂

    Sorry, it’s too long but looking forward to learn more from you 🙂

  8. Hey Kaila! Seems like you’ve come a long way since you taught us how to attach plushies to our shoes 😉 mostly I’d like to learn business stuff from you, personal branding, blogging, website creation (even coding if you were able).
    Thanks so much for years of inspiration 😀 I’ll be in Japan this year and it’s thanks to you I’ve been pushing myself to reach this goal.

  9. Hi Kaila ! I would love to know more about blogging,like what are the widgets needed or how to make it more appealing, especially in putting captions into photospams. And I would also like to know some of your knowledge in photography because I’m starting to take interest in it. Hope you’ll read this 🙂 Thank you in advance ~ ♥
    Much love from Philippines, Grace <3

  10. Kaila
    I always love to watch your videos, I want to learn how to shoot and edit videos like you do. How did you plan the storyboard? I also love tech things, so I wanna learn more about your preferred cameras and the reasons why you use mac / apple products instead of Windows / androids. I would also love to know your preferred editing softwares and apps hehe, thank you so much. you’re an inspiration to me 😉

  11. hello Kaila .

    for me, i would love to know about basic photography, simple video editing, strategic planning, & personal branding 🙂 and also :

    -How to make an awesome blog like you? did you pay to get a domain url ?
    -How to make people around you believe in what our real passion is. How to turn our passion into a job. a real job.

  12. Hi Ate Kaila! 🙂 i just want to know how did you go to Japan. I mean yes it’s your dream. But can you tell me your experiences during your 1st week living in Japan? Because i also want to live in Korea in the future and also be like you. And how do you do basic photography..i really like your feed in instagram. Yes i’m following you haha! and btw, you’re really an interesting person. I followed you when Abbey sy went to Japan with you. I like your Kawaii stuffs omgg.

  13. I haven’t been reading for that long so maybe you’re written about this already but I’d like to know who/what inspires you.

  14. You’re an all rounder!! 😀 seriously you’re the one I think of when I need help! Even when I’m in trouble, I would think what would The Rainbowholic do in the situation? ! ^-^ I feel more and more that you have a magic. ..
    And I love to reas your posts about fashion, D.I.Y , managing anything and I really want to know what is the scope for foreigners in Japan (I wish to work in the land of Cuuteee ♡ )

  15. I don’t mean to sound rude but, maybe it would be better not to keep repeating your childhood story as an introduction to every topic you post? Instead of whining about it and reminding everyone that the introduction will be this bad when the title of the post sounds so inspiring is a bit a “kawaisou” in my opinion.
    It’s not only you who struggled through their childhood and I know many more people like you and even worse, but we don’t hear them complain this much!
    What they do is they keep reminding THEMSELVES about it instead of dragging down others with them.
    My advice would be to keep working hard with less feeling sorry for yourself. I think its because of all the reminding that you do that I developed a wewird feeling towards this blog. More like feeling sorry for you because it seems like this is what you are asking people to do.. to feel sorry for your childhood!
    There’s absolutely no need to mention it 23485248758423 times because we all get it.. really!
    I miss the very very old posts where you sounded super happy and showing us bits and pieces of your life in Japan and so on..
    Just hold your head high, work towards your future, and be thankful as you always are. 🙂 Cheers!

  16. Hello Sarah! Thank you for feedback. As for my personal sharings about my past and the like, I write my blog entries from the heart and I don’t intend for others to feel sorry for me @___@ . I am quite surprised by your comment because all this time, I have been sharing my hurdles and struggles from the past (and even present) to show that anyone can come out as a survivor, and not a victim. And that if I made it out alive and achieving things I once felt were too impossible, anyone can as well. And I am a human that is learning. ^^ My blog is not always about happy stuff (nor I strive to make it look perfect / happy-sounding, kawaii yay happy) but I want to send a message to my readers that for every storm, there is a rainbow after. I have grown and matured so much from before and most of the topics I cover here are about work, realizations, and personal life. If you don’t like the way I write anymore, I cannot do something about that. 🙁 And I don’t think it is right to compare one’s past hurts / hells to another’s because we all have different backgrounds. 🙂 I use my childhood / past as a strength or my foundation and I am proud of who I have become from before. I think that you may have misunderstood me along the way.. >_< Anyway, thank you for reading my blog!


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