Life Updates + Autumn Lookbook Video + #ABCDailyJournal Start! ?

Hi everybody!

I just realized that I haven’t blogged that much recently. Blame Scarlet Heart Ryeo & W – Two Worlds, haha! I don’t know if anyone is aware but I’m a certified K-drama marathoner… lolol. I could spend the whole day in bed and in my pajamas watching unrealistic love stories online. Realistic or not, I just really love how Koreans make / produce movies and dramas! Watching Kdramas alone just makes me want to book a trip to Korea! If you have any recommended 2014 – present Korean drama for me, feel free to let me know please. ; ) I love Descendants of The Sun, Iljimae (period kdramas), She Was Pretty, Pinochio, and the like. Arigatou in advance! 😉

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Just sharing this unrelated photo because I haven’t had any room selfie in a long time (I think lol).


Last week, I shared and posted a video of my own version of Autumn / Fall Lookbook video. I really enjoyed editing this one!

If you haven’t watched it yet, click here and let me know what you think! ^^

Will post a separate blog entry with all the lookbook photos ~

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Also uploaded an new hobonichi diary flip-through video (September!)

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Click here to watch the Hobonichi episode ~

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Went window shopping last weekend and spotted this kawaii Pokemon corner at a random SPINNS branch ~

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Started my #ABCDailyJournal Journey last October 1!


WIP version of my journal cover


First page – Kaila’s washi art / collage!

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~ Let’s make plans ~

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Last Friday, my family and I went to the awarding ceremony of Ate (older sister in Tagalog) Claire and Justin! They both won gold and silver medals, respectively. The recipe-making contest was fully sponsored by the Japan Soysauce Association and it was open nationwide for international participants. Out of 10 finalists, they bagged the first two places! So, so, happy and proud!

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We didn’t really expect that the event would be so big (they got interviewed many times by the Japanese press) and the venue was so n Great job, Ate Claire and Justin!

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With the judges of the cooking competition. Filipino represent!

My sister-in-law is currently offering Japanese cooking classes in her very own studio here in Saitama and if you are interested in learning how to make Japanese wagashi and such, head over here.

Food Photography by Justin




Been so busy with Japan Lover Me Store work. The cold season is fast approaching so we are all hustlin’ together!


This Stay Weird souvenir jacket design by Little Miss Paintbrush / Chichi was manually embroidered by Takuma-san / Shishumania!

Look at the details and the GRADIENT omg. When two talented people collaborate, here’s what you get! *_*


Added lots of new products at Rainbowholic Shop! I also made a twitter account. If you want updates, follow us please (@rbowholic_shop) ~


✏️ Hobonichi With Me – Kawaii Little Miss Paintbrush & SWIMMER Stickers! 


My cute CCS mini carpet arrived and it’s such a great investment for Rainbowholic.TV videos haha


Spotted a cute Tsum Tsum candy pack at a 7-eleven branch nearby. Hi, another thing that I don’t need.. :))



Before I end this entry, just plugging this!


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Have a great week, everybody!

Love, カイラ

4 thoughts on “Life Updates + Autumn Lookbook Video + #ABCDailyJournal Start! ?

  1. I’m also watching those two kdramas lately. And I love Scarlet Heart Ryeo so much.. I ship the 4th prince with Hae Soo.. I hope they give this Korean remake a different twist to the ending tho. Cuz the Chinese version is tragic. 🙁
    If you like period dramas I’d recommend “Scholar Who Walks the Night” and “Arang and the Magistrate”… both starred by Lee Joon Gi. 😀

  2. Hi , about your shop , I think most of the stuff I was looking for are out of stock . will you provide more stuff soon ? and I can’t find filter option to only available items because it can make my search easy . maybe you can add that . nice shop ! thank you


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