Life Updates + Kawaii Funko Pops + Cherry Blossoms & Flowers in Saitama

Hello folks! Good evening from Japan! : )

I got inspired to blog spontaneously again (even if I have a lot of pending tasks huhu) because I’m currently with Ashley right now and she’s drafting a post on Our Kawaii Tokyo. Ashley’s blogging drive is so infectious haha!

Just wanna share some life updates. I’ve posted most of the photos here on social media though, hehe!


Say hello to the “pretty” side of my JLM office, haha.

Don’t be tricked by my photos because reality looks notably far from this picture-perfect corner. : ))


Random Happenings  in Kaila’s Life:

(Please note that these are not listed in order, hahaha. Lazy blogger yes)

  1. Had a very important and blessed meeting at Harajuku last week. Wishing all the best for Kawaii PH huhu! #PUSH !!
  2. Got to try sakura “anman” from Family Mart Japan (convenience store).
  3. Finally brought out my precious totoro washi tapes I bought from Donguri Garden @ Tokyo Character Street (Tokyo Station)!
  4. So after taking photos of a sakura tree in its full bloom glory, grandpa noticed how amazed I was that he decided to give me a branch from a sakura-looking tree (red petals??) (please check bottom right photo haha)

    I went home smiling like a fool and people looked at me as if I stole this thing lolololol

    Thank you super nice grandpa huhu the puzzled / judging looks I got = definitely worth it haha

  5. Went to IKEA Japan for the first time with my sissie-in-law, Claire nee-chan!
  6. After months and months of without massage (massage is a basic necessity for people prone to stress like me lol), I finally had my well-deserved session from our favorite Thai Massage Salon! Huhuhu. When I go to Thailand, I’ll make sure I’ll destress the stress out of me lol!
  7. Discovered a new hotspring / onsen place in Saitama with my brother.
  8. First time to try and taste “Earl Grey Cake” with my cousin.
  9. Omg.. “Milky” yogurt does exist!!! (reference: center left photo)



Flower loveeee : )


Sakura trees in our neighborhood


BTS of #OurKawaiiTokyo e-book with Ashley!


My precious washi tapes :”) The totoro ones are so dear!!


Let’s get sakura drunk? : ))


PMS-ing and icecream cures everything honestly


Ashley created / curated a list of top 10 cute cafes in Tokyo!


Have questions / suggestions for OurKawaii.Tokyo? Here is the post dedicated for your inquiries~


Toy + Photo fun!


 Hmmm.. I guess Grandpa Carl Fredricksen & Cutie Russell shall end this post ~


That would be all for now, friends! Sorry so abrupt hahaha

Still, hope you enjoyed the visual experience~ hehe!

Love, Kaila

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