Little Miss Paintbrush’s Mad Skills + Dreaming Big For Kawaii Philippines + Help Rebuild UP Diliman’s Japanese Room

Hello, everybody!

Here’s a kawaii dump featuring ChiChi / Little Miss Paintbrush’s artworks and a couple of event announcements!

(As you can tell, I’m a really proud friend of hers, heehee! ^^)

SOUVENIR JACKET Japan Lover Me Store Fuji Q Sukajan Kaila Reese Square 1600px

Reeseypeasey & Rainbowholic for Japan Lover Me Store, as drawn by LMP.

These are our best-selling jackets featuring the hokusai wave.

SOUVENIR JACKET Japan Lover Me Store Fuji Q Sukajan Gilbert Square JLM 1600px

My cousin Gil has been slaying it for weeks! Wish I could model so naturally, haha!

Gilbert Gabriel Cherry blossoms sukajan souvenir Jacket

Photographed by my brother during the sakura peak in one of our favorite places in Saitama.


Justin featured the sukajan / souvenir jackets on his blog together with a photo essay about Edo Tokyo Open Air Museum (thanks Reesey for dragging us with you~!). You should read his write-up here!

Reese Lansangan Live in Tokyo / Saitama!

My dear friend Reese will be performing LIVE this weekend! If you’re in Tokyo right now and you’d love to listen to her music or just see her in person, please do come and support! The whole JLM (JP Team) gang will be there as well.

Reese Lansangan Souvenir Jacket

For those who are in Saitama 

Where: (Omiya) MORE RECORDS

When: April 9, 2016 (Saturday) – 6:00 PM (Doors Open) | 6:30 PM (Live Start)

More info here (in Japanese)!

Reese Lansangan Japan Arigato Internet

For those who will be in Tokyo

Where: (Shindaita) LIKE A FOOL RECORDS

When: April 10, 2016 (Sunday) – Time TBA (please follow @reeseypeasy on ig / twitter)

Rebuilding UP Diliman’s Japanese Room

UP DILIMAN Japanese Room Rebuild

Last week, I got a message about the call for donations for the rebuilding of UP Diliman’s Japanese Room. UP Diliman is a state university in the Philippines.

Please help us rebuild the Japanese Room of the UP Department of Linguistics. The Japanese Room was one of the many rooms in UP Diliman’s Faculty Center gutted by fire on April 1st. This room housed the Japanese Library and various Japanese cultural materials used in Japanese classes.
The Department is accepting donations of books, learning resources, and cultural materials on the Japanese language as well as other Asian languages (e.g. Chinese, Korean, Bahasa, and Thai) and linguistics.
For those in Japan, please get in touch with:
Merriam Villegas
Alumna, UP Department of Linguistics
0903 807 0776
For those in the Philippines, please get in touch with:
Michael Manahan
Instructor, UP Department of Linguistics
0917 598 5276
You may also get in touch with the UP Department of Linguistics at Room 400-C, Palma Hall, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City or e-mail

Visualizing A Crazy Kawaii Dream

One random night, I received a message from ChiChi with a photo attachment. She sent me this beautiful illustration of what she envisions Kawaii PH Store / Kawaii Philippines’ headquarters would look like. My eyes really went like this @___@ after loading the image! Thanks ChiChi for producing this! This illustration shall always remind me of the goal that we must altogether work hard on (like what we are doing right now!). ^^ Also, I’m posting this on my blog as my way of calling the universe to help us reach the ultimate dream. Hi universe, we’re here again! *waves fervently*

I am so glad to be with this circle of big dreamers! Looking back, we’ve really come a long, long way from not knowing how to expand our community in the Philippines or how to even make such noise locally and even globally. Now, we’re thinking so much ahead. So much ahead that telling this dream to other people would probably earn a few (????) question marks and puzzled faces. This make take years, or even a decade, or we don’t know when.. but one thing is for sure, we’ll get there somehow. I’m positive.

I don’t have the funds right now. We’re also struggling in our own ways and we have many other life priorities..  and this is why we are finding ways and solutions on how to convert these wishful dreams to realities. *fight desu*

Kawaii Philippines Dream by Little Miss Paintbrush

Someday, we’re not going to wish for someday anymore! 🙂



*cue commercial*

If you like what we do and you want to show support, please do visit our regular Kawaii PH HQ / Summer Garage Sale events!

Kawaii PH Store Summer Garage Sale

rainbowholic candy kawaii lover dolly kaye

Rainbowholic Shop / Candy Kawaii Lover / Dolly Kaye

mad tee party whimsicute

Mad Tee Party / Whimsicute

lootbook rainbowholic plushies

Lootbook (Pre-loved clothing from our own closets) & Plushies From Japan!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

In case you missed our garage sale last month, here’s another chance to avail kawaii goodies this summer! smile emoticon We’ll be having another GARAGE SALE this coming April 9 (that’s a Saturday!), at the Kawaii PH headquarters. View the map here.

Lots of cute and awesome stuff, plus new items!!! We’ll be there from 10am to 5pm!  See you! 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Get #Chichified!

little miss paintbrush doodles 10 dollar commissions

If you love Chichi’s artworks as much as I do and you’d like to be chichified, please do grab this rare opportunity!

Chichi is currently open to doodle commissions! More info on her facebook page / instagram.

little miss paintbrush kawaii illustrations chichi little whimsicute stickers



And that ends today’s blog entry!

Thank you for reading! ^_^

Love, カイラ

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