Little Pony Kaila + Crazy Day at Meguro and Shibuya

Yesterday was such a busy day! My brother had two meetings scheduled while my sister-in-law and I tagged along. It’s so humid in Tokyo now >_<


Black cotton top + DIY My Little Pony skirt for a sunny day.

Couldn’t find my favorite plain white shirt ;_;

Pink LEGO backpack for kids & forever kids hahaha


BODYLINE shoes & Pastel amoeba dotted socks

My new watch from SWIMMER ! YAYYY

Got that for half the price @___@ I love summer sales!!

100 yen Doraemon カプッチョ!

Had our first meeting at a lovely cafe in Naka meguro. I surely loved the place! Wish we had something like that here in Urawa.

Yummy tomato-based pasta with BACONNNNNN



Shortly after, we went to Shibuya..



There is no explanation for the photo at the left. : ))

Shibuya station with Disney advertisement. Want to go to Disneyland for the new TOY STORY kingdom @_@


I am in love with my umbrella.


Just strolled around Shibuya to kill time for the second meeting..


Monkey : ))))

Had refreshments at First Kitchen. I love how the Iced  抹茶 wasn’t too sweet!

Loved the wigs hahaha

New FROYO @ Shibuya. I guess it will be a new summer trend one of these days…

Wanted those aqua daisy glasses!

If only I had a nose bridge.. lolololol

Super trendy tattoo tights

Why crocs is more acceptable here in Japan. Haha!


Noticed this ongoing campaign by vitamin water. Advertising roots are showing haha…

I think that this is really a CLEVER idea.

If only I can understand Japanese perfectly… haha


Metallic robot man posed for us!

Went inside the Disney store to check some items one of my shopping service clients requested from me.


Now in Shibuya 109!



Super yummy macaron dress at the left @__@ and I got my first LIZ LISA item..

…. which was a FREEBIE : )))) I love free fans during hot summer days.



Now how do you wear that… hahaha!

Awesome bone shoes & winged bag!!

Platform sneaks <3

Got this pair for myself!

Dolly Wink & Tsubasa cuteness…

After killing time in Shibuya 109 & depressing myself with the fact it’s summer sale & I’m broke (invested my money on Rainbowholic shop’s comeback)…

We went to Shinjuku. I had a mini reunion with my Japanese language school (BIL) batchmates! I missed my friends ;__;

At around 7PM, we met up with another special person in Shibuya. Had dinner  & it ended so late. Good thing we caught the last train!! It was crazy! たくさん酔っぱらい人がいた!



Before all the night craziness… we found a pretty painted wall that required a mini shoot : )))

Above is a photo of me attempting to look serious & chic #fail

And here’s the last photo for you. I don’t know if it’s Eiffle Tower or Tokyo Tower. Haha!




7 thoughts on “Little Pony Kaila + Crazy Day at Meguro and Shibuya

  1. Pony Skirt :3 want, want, want.
    doraemon goodies. I want to taste them:3
    I want your umbrella.I love clouds 😀
    toy story kingdom. I want to go there to be a toy 😀 just joking XD
    Heart Shades. want want one 😀
    My Melody,Little twin stars and straberry socks. waaah.want also 😀
    what a cute disney store. its like you have entered disneyland 😀
    little twin star bags OMG @_@
    sailor tops @_@ I want the red one pls also the matching skirt XD
    I want those bows @_@
    WAAAAH. it seems to me that everything is posted in here is um….I WANT EM @_@
    arigatou for making this post. so kawaii and nakaka-addict hehe

  2. Nakakaiyak ‘tong post na ‘to ah ;_____; GRABE
    Your skirt is FABULOUS. I’d wear that here kahit na umiba yung tingin ng mga tao sa paligid ko kasi WHO CARES THERE ARE PONIES ON MY SKIRT INGGIT LANG KAYO :(((( Tapos may maliit na rainbow pa yung shirt mo + your lolita shoes ok PERFECT SIMPLE OUTFIT RIGHT THERE *hands you a blue ribbon*

    … Do people look at you whenever you do your “levitation” shots? :)) I’m just curious. =)))

    Crocs are so fab naman there. D: Meanwhile people who wear crocs here are judged. Real bad. ;___;

    Ate ate ate please don’t kill me like that ok wae you fill-up this post with all the pretty things I want that are in Japan and that are expensive omg PUSO KO :heart: :heart: :heart: (diba dapat hb…….)

    Ok first yung macaron dress ok ANG CUTE TAPOS KATABI PA NIYA LIZ LISA OK PUSO KO TALAGA :heart: :heart: Then da floral collared dress omg ATE.


    Ok ayoko na ok bring me to Japan. NOW. :(( (or ok kung busy ka, ashita!! :((()

    Can I please buy all those kawaii charms and put them in my cellphone (of which I don’t use naman)? ALL?? ;________;

    Oh and platform shoes ahhhhhhhh~ SOON. SWEAR. SOON.

    Oh and last line — kyot talaga ng outfit mo. ;___; Actually lahat naman ng outfits mo cute eh :((( :heart: :heart:

  3. Ohhh noo how am I not going to spend all my money when i go to Shibuya 109! 😥
    Thank you so much for all these places/photospam posts!
    You have no idea how excited I am to visit Japan when I come again in 1 month! (Although you probably do know how excited I am. You went and LIVED there you loved it so much haha)


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