LOFT: A Heaven for Kawaii Lovers

Visited LOFT Omiya today and had my regular fix of all things cute. This place makes me happy & removes all my stress! If you are going to visit Japan and you want to visit a LOFT store, I would suggest Shibuya’s LOFT. It’s a huge building in a lovely shade of yellow.. and it’s just right across FOREVER21.  :star:

Went to their website and I think it’s the coolest / cutest thing! I love their jingles & interactive website with moving clouds.


Anywayyyy ….

I’m pretty sure your worries will go away once you see a…


I am coming back for youuuu, ichigo!  😥

Went around the lunchbox area (and there were 3 aisles just for food packaging!!!) and saw these adorable onigiri pouches in polkadots! AAHHH

They have the cutest & most interesting LUNCH BOX BELT items!

And when you thought there isn’t such thing… : ))

Because I’m a smart kawaii shopper, I bought my own bento materials from a 100 yen shop. : ))

APPLE LUNCH BOWL EXISTS. I love the red one ;___;

If I still went to school, I’d probably get excited for lunch time everyday. : )))

Even the ice packs are cute. Japan U ALREADY

PURIN maker..? If I’m correct!  😎


Why I love summer in Japan…

… summer-themed stickers, stationary, and everything else!

Those are watermelon & pineapple greeting cards by the way.

Saw an area just for Japanese erasers / keshigomu!

Does somebody actually use this? @_@ Kawaii murderer! Hahaha

You can make your own clay stuff with this DIY kits for microwave! Coolest thing ever

Looks like ramen cups for me!

I WANT EVERYTHING (pls do not judge a 21 yr. old haha)

yummy stickers ahhhhh I really like the one at the center!


DIY UCHIWA / fan ^^v

Their tape corner is massive.

Rainbow spotted! : ))


Super cute decoration seal for your mirrors, etc.

Cutest chubby stickers :”(( I would probably grab my mommy to this corner if I were still a child.

Umaibo.. cutter?? : ))

RILAKKUMA :”(( Can i have everything ..? ;__;


And of course, a MAIDO MAN costume photo to end this post.. Hahaha!

More kawaii this weekend , hope that’s a good dose for you already! 😀



11 thoughts on “LOFT: A Heaven for Kawaii Lovers

  1. :love: Super cute pictures i want everything and i’m 26 😎

    Just discovered your blog couple of days ago, Keep up the hard work!! :kawaii:

  2. I want everything! EVERYTHING! Thanks for always posting so many photos, I’m going to Japan on exchange for 6 months next year and the prospect can get a bit scary, but you keep reminding me why it’s something I’ve wanted to do for so long! ありがとう! 🙂

  3. Onirgi Bags
    Kawaii Erasers
    Kawaii Stickers
    Uchiwa fan maker
    deso tapes
    donald duck costume for girls :ohnoes:
    I want all of em 😀

  4. :kawaii: I want everything in this store!! I wish I could go to Japan I need more money *lives in NYC area* 😥
    I found your blog a couple days ago, everything is so cute, I would love to send postcard? :cute:


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