Love from Rainbowholic + Valentine Cuteness in LoFT

Hello all~!

I prepared a Valentine-themed entry ~ hope you’ll enjoy the photospam ^^

Wanted to share and give you a glimpse of the February scene here in Japan. You could say every season is really commercialized here. No wonder Japan’s economy is so strong because everybody wants to spend something for everyone! Hehe~ ^^


Anyway, here are bits of photos from today’s break from work.

First fail: Weirdly shaped 100 yen heart balloons >_<

Wanted to have a mini photoshoot that will match the current Rainbowholic up there ^^

Chibi by Little Miss Paintbrush

Made the simple garter skirt + Tiara bows ~

Speaking of Tiara bows… Tracy sempai is currently holding a massive giveaway for her brand’s 3rd yr. anniversary! 🙂 The prizes are so fun + かわいい〜 & you should try your luck by joining here. Yayayay  :pink:

Hearts, y u shaped like that?? : ))

Music Inspiration: Put Your Hearts Up – Ariana Grande


Because I forgot to bring the tripod with me.. I just took lots of selcas >_<

This post is actually for everyone who visits my blog + tomodachis from Rainbowholic facebook page… 😀

Thank you for all the love, my sweetest & thoughtful readers! :”)


Left: I didn’t bother to brush my hair for this.. so lazy : ))

Right: And fail sign is fail =))

Sometimes my brain doesn’t work well : ))

(woops,  my photobooth shows how vain I am : ))) )

Lo and behold, another random Kaila moment! : )) Please do not judge, hehehe~


Valentine’s @ LoFT

A few weeks ago, I wandered around Omiya and visited my favorite store / mall that sells all the best cute stuff, LoFT!

I uploaded LoFT-related entries before and you can check those out here~


On my way there..


Game center cuteness  😥

In Japan, the girls are the ones who give chocolates to the guys on Valentine’s day. Then there’s White Day *_* SO MANY CELEBRATIONSSS -_-

In Manila, the wooing will be done by guys and usually, it’s not just about giving chocolates.. the guys would plan a surprise or something for the special girl ^^ Experienced it once and it was unforgettable hehe.

OKAY MOVING ON ~ (pun lololol)


Most expensive chocolates out there : ))

iLove!! : ))

Oh Japan…

Lovesick! : ))

Ultraman chocolates y’all


The Japanese are undeniably the most creative people *_*

Chocolate ramen -_-


When you fall for someone.. you need some choco-aids : ))



I need this : ))

The cutest DIY baking kits!!!

RILAKKUMA CHOCOLATE!!! How can one eat this???

Barbie special chocolates.. wow.

Aww.. super cute! :”)


Random Daily


Went to the gym today and finally wore my new favorite heart top~ yayayay!

If you wear something nice / fashionable when you work out, it makes you feel more pumped! A tip to everyone who’s trying to lose extra weight / become fit : )

When I got back, my brother told me that my package from Canada has finally come! This was sent last December but it was only now when the mail found its way to us *_* Don’t know why how it happened because Japan Post is always reliable..

For some reason, packages from Brittany would always come at the right time! Whenever I feel down / unmotivated, it just finds me. It happened to me once before too :O

Thank you so much for this! This feels like a Valentine gift for me huhuhu  😥 Arigachuuu~



My last thoughts on love:

I think that we shouldn’t really look for love. With trust & patience, love will find us at the time we least expect it. It is better to be surprised because of unexpected good happenings rather than to waste time / efforts on chasing love that isn’t for us. I think that before we look for love in others, we should become better lovers of ourselves first. The greatest gift we can give to anyone is to share the happiness we feel in ourselves… and that is the best way to love. 😀 :yay:



Lastly ..

Whether you are with someone special or you are happily single, I wish that you’ll feel the love you deserve this day :”)


19 thoughts on “Love from Rainbowholic + Valentine Cuteness in LoFT

  1. everything is cute~ and ahah ‘The Bitters’ .. so cool !
    I dont really celebrate valentines day but I wish that you have a great feburary 14th ^^

  2. Omg, Chocolate overload! XD I want the Rilakkuma toys so much!
    And I also love the inspirational ending too! 😉

  3. this was such an amazing entry! *v* I loved all the funny shaped chocolates :heart: And everything looked so cuuute! 😀 I wish they did this much out of this day here >w< We have a really boring amount of standard heartshaped things that are red or pink or white, and they are mostly for men to give to women xP
    Also! My birthday is on the white day 😀

  4. Aww you’re so cute, Kaila!!! :heart: :heart:
    And even it’s a bit too late: Happy Valentine! :love:
    I know it’s now over in Japan but here in Germany it’s still the 14th so it does count :nod:
    Man, all the yummy chocolate and I LOVE chocolate sooo much :ohnoes: But I can’t eat how much choco as I want to….I guess everyone knows the reason! 😉 And the cocolate boxes are not like this in Germany…not at all! There’re not creative…just hearts….okay, hearts are the right thing but when I look at all the cute and really creative boxes they have in Japan the things in Germany just getting boring…more boring then they still are :tsk: horrible 😀 I really need to go to Japan to ally my voraciousness of kawaii things :nod:

    Wow you really do fitness…I cannot understand people who are doing it because I really hate sport :x: The only sport I do is just walking….and to bike…sometimes…I could never do sport just to stay fit but I admire the one’s who can do it! So GO KAILA! :yay:

    And thank you again for the とても cute greetings to all your readers!!!
    We love you too! :heart: :heart:

  5. omg :what: those poor heart balloons! hahaha, i think maybe they’re defective. poor kaila 😥 i don’t know what that one girl is yelling on that valentine card, lol, but i really love her expression :cheer: hope you enjoyed your valentine’s day and got to spend some time with people you love :heart:

  6. “When you fall in love, you need Choco Aid’ -burst out laughing-
    SO much chocolate! I’ll probably eat till I can’t sing any more 😛

    Thank you for writing such a lovely post with so many pictures! Took long for me load but it was so worth it :yay:

    Perhaps stretching the balloons evenly before blowing will help you :cheer:

  7. I’m drooling here. So much chocolate awesomeness! Anyway, I just recently found your blog. It makes me smile! Love it! I just moved to Taiwan and experienced a little of the Asian cuteness explosion, so I’m hooked! 🙂

  8. KAWAII CALL CARD :heart: :heart: :heart:
    I WANNA GET ONE TWO :loveheart:
    the balloons looked Pear shaped to me :what:
    toni chopper so kawaii in cow costume :heart: :heart: :heart:
    wow ano yun neechan 🙂 anong surprise yun :yay:
    THE BITTERS! HAHAHA. but there Kawaii thought :33:
    DIY BAKING KITS!!! I want them all so I could create sweets. I’ve always wanted to make sweets. becoming a Patissiere is also my dream :yay:
    MACARONS!!!!!COOKIES!!!SWEETS AND EVERYTHING!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

  9. I’m back!!!!! :hug:


    nobody noticed that I was gone…

    Oh well :tongue:

    Random videos yeah! Please Do More. Love them :nod:

    Valentine’s Day is definitely not one of my favorites *forever alone 😥 *, but I love chocolate :heart: :heart:
    I really wonder where all this chocolate goes after not being bought till February 14th :sweatdrop:

    And omg chocolate ramen?! I mean…like…OMG!.. but WTF?!



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