Maccha (抹茶) KitKat + MEGA Don Quijote and Super Kawaii iPhone Cases + Rilakkuma Toy Capsule!

Today’s random photos. Too tired to write a short introductory paragraph  😥

I moved to.. my brother’s room. Kaila’s world domination/take-over has officially started.

Been cleaning and arranging stuff life crazy here. Give me full three days more and I can finish revamping our place!


I am lucky to live in a beautiful place with free Sakura walkways!


Got Hara Donuts as present / omiyage from Maki nee-chan~ <3


Had steak for dinner. We are so broke now, hahaha.

Super yummy! UMAIIIII!

I was surprised that the steakhouse (family restaurant) that we ate at offered fashionable kiddie goods as well! The red diamond ring was seducing me.

It’s not so often you see Hello Kitty cake squishy!! : O


MEGA Don Quijote (ドンキホーテ)! ♥

I had to buy something so we stopped over at Don Quijote! It’s like Village Vanguard with a mix of Loft, I guess. It falls in the “general goods with quirky touch” store! : )

Hello Kitty as your travel suitcase. Now that’s quirky!

Seifuku (uniform) is so expensive here! I really want to buy a schoolgirl outfit set and have a photoshoot wearing it! Reminds me of Cardcaptor! <3


“Don-ki” is your place for your costume needs. This place makes a lot of money when it’s halloween season!

Hello Kitty corner in every specialty store.


Elementary pencil cases + cutest umbrellas I have ever seen! Cottoncandy blue & My Melody?! *dies*

I need this in my room.

Or this?? Huhu so cuteeeee

Bought AngelColor’s Honey Wing! Can’t wait to wear it for tomorrow’s hanami~~ <3



The most omoshiroii (interesting) ashtrays I’ve discovered. Don-ki!

Took photos of my favorite iPhone cases! OMG

Hassling but cute nonetheless.


Stitch being monstrously cute here.




Sanrio family on your iPhone case!



Rilakkuma Toy Capsule~ <3

200 yen toy capsule!  :happy:

So happy with my fluffy & lazy rilakkuma toy capsule present! I don’t think I will ever grow up from my child-like adoration with kawaii characters @___@


Thank you for your comments from the last post! I hope to read more from your side ^^v


カイラちゃん  :heart:

10 thoughts on “Maccha (抹茶) KitKat + MEGA Don Quijote and Super Kawaii iPhone Cases + Rilakkuma Toy Capsule!

  1. What does the maccha kit-kat taste like? :O And oh so that was “moving out”~ XD And uwaaaa steak + cute rings + hello kitty roll ;________; :heart:

    Bring me to Don Quijote when I get there and I will die of all the cuteness :heart:

    AND OHMYGAS CAPSULE TOY!! ;A; /nope di atah ako addict sa capsule toys, di talaga/ The capsule toys here in the PH are… Meh. ;___; </3 Onti lang yung cute huhu~

  2. OMG here in Brazil there are no iPhone cases as cute as in Japan. Well, thats obvious, Japan is cuter than any onther country in the world! I absolutely love this photos you take in stores. I’m curious: do they let you take the pictures or is it kinda hidden? ;D

  3. Another cute overload post!
    Those kigurumi!! I see that the prices are cheaper than what they sell them for online.
    Little twin star stuff are always so cute! *want want*

  4. Yer brotha’s moving out? of the apartment? You has the place to yourself?! (intentionally using bad grammar) haha! also, i think i’d die if i had all the lovely things available to me as they are to you (fashion, purikura booths, sakura–100yen stores!!!)

  5. wah lots of kawaii stuff :3
    I want an iphone case too :3
    I really want to buy a japanese school uniform but expensive. gonna save up so money to buy what I want.
    if I already bought the school girl uniform, I’ll take a picture of myself

  6. You are amazing ~
    By any chance those hello kitty cake rolls would you sell one to me?

  7. so cute!! i got my kigurumi yesterday from
    but i should go to japan to check theirs out!!@ :huh: :heart: :heart:


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