Manika Manila Tiangge 2014: A Ball-jointed Doll Bazaar & Exhibit

Last weekend, Anne, Mikee and I went to ManikaManila's bazaar (which is "Tiangge" in Filipino) to promote our event, Kawaii in Manila 2!


It was my first time to attend a local doll bazaar.. and I really had a great time!

It's so fun to see a community with all the same hobby!

During ingress~

Super kawaii dolls! This booth display won an award <3

So pretttttyyy!


Blair (which Kass of I'm Catching Fireflies owns) is so cute! <3


Yay Pikachu and pokedoll, hihi!

Ian of Forestale. He is one of the designers in Kawaii in Manila 2! :D

Unique booth displaying showcasing Filipino culture~


Anne Kate and Blythe! <3

And the booth display that caught my rainbowholic heart, haha! <3


Hope you enjoyed my mini update!

I really miss regularly blogging~ TT_TT



(Lol, I was about to type "Regards, Kaila"... TOOOO many emails that are work-related these days, hahaha)

5 thoughts on “Manika Manila Tiangge 2014: A Ball-jointed Doll Bazaar & Exhibit

  1. OMG I LOVE ABJD <3 :heart:
    They are so pretty but so expensive ;_; :cry:
    I'll make my own collection someday ^_^ :333:

  2. Hey Kaila!! Nix of ManikaManila here. Thanks so much for attending and blogging about our event! <3 We'll see you on Saturday~ :D


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